A contact center’s most important function is to deliver a great customer experience. Contact center quality assurance, or QA, is the best way to ensure consistently excellent customer service in every interaction. 

Sometimes referred to as call center quality management, call center quality assurance is the method used to observe, measure, evaluate, and improve how well your communication channels and call center agents are delivering the optimal customer experience with the top quality standards throughout the customer journey.


Effective call center quality assurance with proper metrics allows a call center to proactively monitor customer interactions, use best practices to gain insight for improvement, and provide remediation and training for better outcomes in the future. It is the cornerstone of your call center because it delivers actionable insights, promotes employee engagement, and allows you to continuously improve customer service while meeting business goals and resulting in better outcomes.


The purpose of QA is delivering a superior customer experience and improve call center quality and agent performance . QA is an ongoing process that is designed to continuously improve your contact center performance. . Call center quality assurance utilizes objective metrics to enhance agent performance and produce the best results in customer service. 

Adopting call center QA best practices is a must in today’s world. Optimizing your quality assurance processes will help improve the quality of customer interactions, give insight into the performance of your call center, and increase agent efficiency for the best experience. When done right, the QA process will improve first call resolution, reduce average handle time, transfer, and callbacks, identify key performance indicators for improving the quality of the service, improve both the caller and agent experience; and incorporate the voice of the customer through customer feedback.

Quality assurance and call center managers are critical to providing the best customer satisfaction. Implementing a sound quality assurance program will improve the quality of service your team provides to customers, ensure consistency of performance, and reduce costs.


The traditional call center quality assurance approach focused primarily on call quality monitoring to ensure call quality. The focus was on evaluating agent performance through sampling with outdated scorecards and evaluation forms. 

These scorecards and evaluation processes were architected for voice, and they were not designed to handle other communication channels, such as SMS, chat, social media, and messaging. With the proliferation and rapid adoption of these new communication channels, traditional solutions and scorecards have not been able to meet the needs of the modern enterprise. Complex integrations, data integrity integrity issues, and the ability to assess the entire customer journey across all channels are just a few of the problems that they are unable to solve.


Call center QA requires a new approach due to the fact that call centers have been undergoing rapid change and transformation. They have evolved from call centers that only take calls to multichannel call centers that can handle multiple, yet siloed, channels of communication. Now, omnichannel call centers are the newest iteration, being nimble and addressing customers across all communication channels while retaining context for a personalized experience.

In addition to call monitoring and call recording tools that only address the voice channel, the omnichannel contact center requires the ability to measure other channels as well, including email, SMS, social media, chat, messengers, in-app messaging, and more. As customers use more digital channels, an omnichannel call center quality assurance solution becomes mandatory. It is critical for call center managers to measure performance across all channels to deliver a positive customer experience while ensuring consistent levels of quality of service.

The modern approach must address all channels, incorporate new technologies (e.g., sentiment, transcription, speech analytics, AI, and others) and achieve maximum automation, so that agents’ time is spent on continuous process improvement and delivering optimal levels of customer satisfaction.



In order to deliver the best customer experience, your call center software solution must be designed from the beginning to be omnichannel. Built on a single unified architecture, the Bright Pattern omnichannel contact center solution enables you to deliver advanced call center quality assurance capabilities across all channels, including voice, chat, SMS, messengers, and more.

Bright Pattern’s QM Pro is the key to delivering consistent customer satisfaction. Embedded in the Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center solution, QM Pro is the right software that provides the ability to automatically analyze 100 percent of all interactions across all channels. This removes the need for sampling and a quality assurance manager guessing which interactions to review. Quality managers and QA specialists only evaluate those interactions that fall outside of certain parameters or thresholds, such as sentiment score, transcription keyword search, survey scores, and the like. This greatly increases efficiency and effectiveness and allows more time for implementing process improvements, coaching, and agent training.

In addition, Bright Pattern incorporates a calibration process so that quality managers’ scoring is consistent throughout the organization. Advanced survey capabilities along all routes of the customer journey ensure that the voice of the customer is analyzed across all channels. With all of the power of the Bright Pattern call center quality assurance solution, call center managers will have maximum time to train, coach, and address process improvement opportunities.

call center quality assurance


Bright Pattern QM Pro allows quality managers to evaluate only those interactions, positive or negative, that fall above or below a certain threshold or measurement. We utilize advanced technologies, including AI, sentiment, keyword search, and more, to help quality managers to quickly identify and review the interactions that are most important to the business.


QM Pro documents the criteria for each type of channel interaction so that your agents know exactly what the business is expecting of them. Evaluation forms can be developed by channel, and sections and questions can be weighted to focus and measure those activities that are most critical to the customer experience.

In designing your call center quality assurance process, it is important to eliminate as much subjectivity as possible so that agents consider the scoring process to be objective and fair. The QM Pro solution includes call center quality assurance calibration capabilities, such as the ability to compare multiple evaluators and close variations between them, which guarantee that the scoring process is objective and equitable for agents.


In addition to call center quality assurance evaluators being calibrated for consistency, it is also important that agents are included in the process to gain buy-in and create positive reinforcement for remediation activities. We provide you with the ability to allow agents to score themselves and then be evaluated by their supervisors, as well as a dispute resolution process in the event that the agent feels that the supervisor evaluation was unfair. By gaining agreement on performance scoring, agents and supervisors can engage in positive dialogue about how to improve performance.

With a fair and equitable call center quality assurance solution that has agent buy-in, agents must be given the tools they need to quickly remediate any deficiencies. QM Pro helps agents to receive immediate feedback via a dashboard showing their scores and evaluations. The dashboard directs agents to the specific interactions that were evaluated, with notes and attachments for quicker resolution and implementation.

Because QM Pro is fully contained within the Bright Pattern call center solution, there is no need for complex integrations in order to access interactions and data. All recordings, transcripts, and associated metadata are native to the solution. With one common user interface to set up, manage, and operate, you are able to maximize your time on improving the quality of the customer experience.

Quality Assurance


  • Single integrated platform for omnichannel call center communications and call center quality assurance
  • Delivers call center quality assurance across all channels
  • Delivers an improved customer experience and consistency throughout the customer journey by analyzing all interactions
  • Improves agent satisfaction and retention through coaching and training
  • Improves agent productivity with agent scoring and dashboards across all channels
  • Calibration enables consistency of evaluators across the organization
  • Incorporates view of the customer along every step of the customer journey through surveys, sentiment, and more
  • Delivers analytics, dashboards, and reports to evaluate performance
  • Increases first call resolution and reduces costs through higher agent productivity
  • Enhances compliance by identifying keywords and phrases
  • Improves customer data security and privacy by monitoring required agent behavior and identifying problems
  • Enables measurement of call center KPIs and metrics for improved call center performance
  • Bright Pattern QM Pro call center quality assurance helps maintain a consistent level of service throughout the customer journey
  • Compares customer-measured scores with internal scores to measure accuracy and consistency
  • Delivers actionable insights for targeted improvements by analyzing all transactions across all channels.
  • Single user interface to manage both call center software communications and call center quality assurance.


QM Pro is embedded natively in the Bright Pattern cloud call center solution. This completely eliminates the need for complex third-party integrations. You will vastly improve data accuracy as recordings, transcripts and the associated meta-data are all managed natively in a single unified platform.

A single user interface is used to manage both call center software for communications as well as call center quality assurance, resulting in higher productivity and easier administration. QMPro collects all transactions across all channels, analyzes those based on automated preset criteria, and allows you to optimize your channels, processes, and agents to provide a more uniform and consistent customer experience.


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