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What is a Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call center, generally speaking, is a contact center in which customer service agents or representatives are geographically dispersed as opposed to being centrally located in a single location. “Virtual” agents work remotely or from home.

When compared to traditional call centers, virtual call centers have benefits for both their agents and employers. For the call center agents and customer service representatives, in addition to working a call center job from home, they often have flexible hours and no dress-code or commute. For the organization, a virtual call center saves costs associated with call center operations and facilities, and is ideal for companies whose business is seasonal in nature. A virtual call center also enables a business to recruit virtual call center agents from any geography and attract skilled customer care workers, even if they don’t live in close proximity to an office.

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The Bright Pattern Virtual Call Center Solution

The Bright Pattern cloud-based virtual call center solution meets the challenges of a remote call center and enables you to connect with your customers from anywhere in the world across all time zones. With Bright Pattern’s omnichannel virtual call center software, a virtual call center agent can see the entire customer journey across all communication channels and thereby provide a meaningful and personal virtual customer experience even if they are thousands of miles away.

Geographic Flexibility

The Bright Pattern virtual call center solution allows organizations to optimize geographic presence with the ideal combination of local and remote resources. For companies needing agents to provide 24/7 support, the Bright Pattern virtual call center solution provides them with the ability to leverage agents across multiple times zones and select the ideal remote call center agent based on skill, costs, geography, and more. Whether an agent or call center representative is working from an office or home, the Bright Pattern omnichannel virtual call center solution will enable them to provide customers the same level of professional service across all communication channels regardless of location.

Maintain Voice Quality Across Geographies

The farther a call has to stretch geographically, the more likely voice quality will become an issue. Outbound and inbound calls suffer when there are too many hops between the remote customer and virtual call center agent — and call distribution is key. Bright Pattern’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software routes callers to the optimal agent. Whenever customers call a cloud contact center and wherever they dial from, intelligent call routing will make sure they are serviced by virtual call center agents as close to them as possible where this is the strategy. Bright Pattern maintains several local points of presence and a large portfolio of telecom providers to ensure that callers are connected directly to agents who are answering inbound calls and located in the same geography, and they are only routed to remote locations if local agents are not available.

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Data Privacy

Businesses also need to be aware of privacy regulations that may vary by location. Some countries require that the data and recording of any call be held in the caller’s region of origin. To ensure you remain in compliance, Bright Pattern will, where required,

  • Host customer information locally in compliance with local rules
  • Maintain local points of presence to store calls
  • Provide local calling numbers in-country as required

Business Continuity

You need to keep your business going no matter what interruptions local offices or business settings face. Bright Pattern understands this issue and has a robust system designed to ensure uninterrupted continuity in the case of a local disaster or facility interruption. You can rest easy knowing that routing software is in place to ensure calls are seamlessly integrated, no matter what happens regionally. A cloud-based call will always get to where it needs to go, and the call log will allow you to stay on top of historical reporting. The Bright Pattern virtual call center solution gives you several options to provide business continuity and disaster recovery. Examples include:

  • One primary center with a backup in case of disaster
  • A central location with remote offices
  • Loosely coupled regional centers
  • Or several locations all managed as one tenant (i.e., call center)

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Managing Geographically Distributed Virtual Call Centers

Bright Pattern’s virtual call center solution allows you to centrally manage and control administration while at the same time allowing local flexibility. Inbound and outbound call centers can be set up and managed individually while cooperating to maximize service levels. Quality management resources, dialing plans, and routing rules can be defined globally and executed locally. Companies are also provided with global visibility across their locations as well as consolidated reporting.

Bright Pattern Virtual Call Center Summary

The Bright Pattern omnichannel virtual call center solution provides the ability for companies to deliver a consistent and personalized customer experience on any communication channel regardless of location. Remote virtual agents and customer service representatives can see the entire customer journey when required, and deliver the same professional level of service as local agents. Bright Pattern’s cloud call center software maintains many regional points of presence as well as a large number of regional telecom providers to ensure the highest levels of voice quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, we help you comply with data privacy laws and comply with local regulations by storing information locally where required. For managing multiple call centers, the Bright Pattern virtual call center solution provides you the ability to manage several locations globally while at the same time maintaining local flexibility. We ensure that you have several options to guarantee business continuity, workforce management, and global visibility across your operations.

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Unified Agent Desktop

Our omnichannel contact center solution gives your organization the ability to seamlessly communicate with clients throughout their entire customer journey.

Omnichannel Quality Management

Ensure consistently excellent customer experiences and optimize call center performance with AI-powered OmniQM.

CRM Integration

Track the customer journey with your business on any channel. Integrations with all CRM providers or your own system of records.

Virtual Contact Center Features

No Downtime

Hosting on the cloud means easy setup with high reliability. With Active-Active architecture, experience no downtime no matter what.

Hassle-Free Upgrade

Get access to the latest technology, all at your fingertips. With only an internet connection, gain access to the newest technology.

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Omni QM

AI-powered omnichannel quality management allows admins to monitor interactions with live prospects across all channels.

Fully Compliant

High security call center software. Bright Pattern is fully PCI, GDPR, TCPA, HIPAA, and SOC compliant.

Load Balancing

If one call center is overflowing, another call center from across the world can help with the workload.

Global Flexibility

Optimize your contact center operations for your geographic situation, and optimize local and remote resources.

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Quality Assurance for Virtual Call Centers

Boost customer satisfaction, deliver great customer service, and optimize your call center operations.

QM on All Digital Channels

Ensure quality on all channels, like voice, video, SMS, text, instant messaging, messaging apps, social media, and more.

Real-time Access to All Analytics and Data

Get access to call recordings, sentiment data, and CSAT scores instantly in real-time, with no delay despite geographic distribution.

Remote Coaching and Training

Supervisors can easily coach and train agents based on interaction history and data. Ensure high interaction quality no matter where an agent is located.

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