Zoho Call Center Software Integration - Everything You Need To Know For 2024

Zoho call center software integration allows you to review, manage, and analyze customer interactions from anywhere and on any type of device through the Internet. 

With Zoho, a basic call center can dramatically transform into a world-class facility for both agents and customers. 

What Is Zoho CRM Integration?

Zoho CRM integration is a type of integration which acts as a single centralized location where your sales, marketing, and customer support activities are stored together.

By collecting your most important business needs into one place, Zoho CRM integration helps streamline workflow, policy, and people in a single platform. 

What Is Zoho Desk Used For?

Zoho Desk is mainly used for performance, simplifying the work process, and used to improve agent productivity

Zoho Desk allows you to be more accessible to customers, improve and speed up first-time resolutions, and ensure that business is always convenient for customers.

Zoho Desk gives live agents powerful tools and features to tackle any situation so they always remain alert, productive, and confident when communicating with customers. 

Why Clients Choose Bright Pattern

A true Omnichannel solution

The Bright Pattern solution provides the flexibility to switch between communication channels—from voice calls and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger to SMS/MMS, video, and more—while retaining context (by delivering relevant data from Dynamics 365) for a personalized customer experience.

AI and Bot Enabled

Bright Pattern also integrates with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and bot solutions to give agents and customers enhanced automation to speed time to resolution and improve the customer experience. Bright Pattern works with AI-powered bots of third-party vendors, including Microsoft.

Cloud based customer experience

As the only cloud customer experience platform that runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud, Bright Pattern shares Microsoft’s strategic vision for a mobile world of customer engagement with the strongest mobile capabilities, including in-app messaging (e.g., chat, video chat, document sharing, etc.), messenger channel support, and SMS/text messaging.

What Are The Benefits of Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk has a wealth of benefits that positively affect your sales teams, customer service agents, and customers.

  • Building Long-Term Relationships w/ Customers
  • Healthier Teams & Businesses 
  • Improved Agent Performance
  • More Confident Agents
  • Happier Customer Base
  • Connect w/ Mobile App (iOS or Android)
  • Meet & Exceed Company Goals & Metrics

In fact, Zoho Desk has the capability to integrate with over 200 of the most popular third-party extensions (Zoho CRM, MS Dynamics (Microsoft Dynamics), Twilio, Intercom, MailChimp) and over 45 native apps. 

These apps can be used for communication, conferencing, and collaboration. 

Zoho can transform customer experiences by providing a variety of software tools and functionality for its dedicated users.

How Can A Sales Team Benefit From Zoho CRM Solutions?

With the Bright Pattern platform, you can transform small businesses or mid-size enterprises into a powerful omnichannel contact center software juggernaut. 

Combine advanced features from Bright Pattern alongside Zoho Desk products to dramatically improve your customer experience, perform call tracking, track the entire customer journey, and deliver the most efficient communications process for all of your customers. 

Every single interaction across all channels, both standard and digital, can be stored with Zoho CRM software.

Meaning, your customer service agents, support teams, and sales reps can be equipped with the highest-level of conversational intelligence and context during live real-time interactions with your customers.  

Now, customers interact with agents in a seamless and positive way. 

Leading to a vastly improved customer success rate, improved call center agent performance and better customer experience.

Zoho integration will create a personalized customer experience that will change your business for the better. 

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True Omnichannel Routing

Bright Pattern has the ability to integrate with the Zoho Desk platform to create a centralized Zoho CRM call center solution that provides world class omnichannel routing across any channel; as opposed to the limited multichannel that lacks full context and personalization. 

The majority of call center solutions often still rely on bolted-on channels and software. 

Meaning, the majority of these companies are still limited to multichannel (siloed environments), resulting in obvious and glaring technology friction points across the entire customer journey.

With omnichannel from Bright Pattern, it gives companies the opportunity to deliver a fluid and personalized solution for contact centers that can be implemented in weeks; giving them tools such as IVR, AI automation, and real-time routing.

With every communication channel for agents, sales and customers built-in natively, there are no other disparate systems to worry about.

Now, 100% attention can be solely focused on customer satisfaction and creating highly productive agents. 

Agent Empowerment

With Bright Pattern and Zoho integration, you can completely transform your customer relationships and fully support agent empowerment. 

Now, call center agents, sales, and service agents implementing the Bright Pattern contact center software solution with Zoho CRM integration will have a greater CX and a seamless experience with the special tools and services that the Bright Pattern platform supplies.

CRM integrated platforms will transform any type of business by providing better solutions for agents and customers. Improve your sales process in a very short time.

By implementing a CRM’s core functionality with the tools operated in the Bright Pattern platform, your agents can provide incredible CX across all channels and optimize countless metrics such as: average handle time and faster case resolution (FCR). 

With this software, agents can direct customers to proper knowledge-based articles, route calls to available and qualified agents, and receive a full coherent view of customer conversations. 

Zoho CRM allows agents the capability to record customer data and add additional information to Zoho Desk inside Bright Pattern’s cloud natively-built solution. 

There are many benefits to Bright Pattern and Zoho implementation including: single click log-ins, no pop-ups while operating the Bright Pattern platform, significant drop in missed calls, follow up reminders, and a built-in helpdesk

Using this implementation, agents can perform exceptional CX and maximize productivity. 

Can Zoho Send SMS?

SMS is an extremely popular type of messaging that is used all over the world.

Actually, SMS messaging is built natively into a wide range of automated features within Zoho CRM. 

Meaning you can send automated SMS notifications to any customer. 

Customizable Journeys

Bright Pattern’s contact center solution and customer support software can be tailored for any industry. Whether you need customer service solutions, help desk solutions, or sales and outbound dialing solutions, Bright Pattern’s platform can be tailored to the use case that your industry needs. Bright Pattern’s service cloud platform as well as CTI solution allows you to bring the telco provider of your choice, giving your contact center large amounts of flexibility.


Bright Pattern’s drag-and-drop journey-building application, Scenario Builder, provides all the tools needed to create the customer journey that best fits your business strategy.

Business rules are easy to create, modify, and maintain. Incoming calls from priority customers can be offered a top-tier chat as soon as they log in for immediate assistance, or they can be routed to an agent who is familiar with their needs. Using best research business practices, customers can be routed for either email, text messaging, live chats, or phone calls based on previous user history or preferred contact method.


Use the Bright Pattern integration to create a Zoho Desk call center to develop a business and communication strategy that best fits your organization. Access Zoho Desk information to make outbound calls, send SMS notifications, or deliver premium customer service to your most-valued customers. You decide the strategy and channel and Bright Pattern will ensure that your customers receive a personal and successful interaction experience.

Omnichannel Quality Management

By having a Zoho call center, your contact center supervisors and call center management can get a complete view of the customer journey and improve contact center KPIs. Ensure that your contact center and customer service management software is providing excellent customer service on any channel, whether it is through the phone system, email, text messaging, outgoing calls, mobile app, web chat, and more. Bright Pattern’s contact center solution provides omnichannel quality management, meaning Bright Pattern’s platform provides supervisors real-time insight into what is going on in your contact center.

By having a Zoho CRM integration, your supervisors can get access to important information, like interaction histories, call logs, voice transcription, and more. With CRM data, like the help of voice transcription, sentiment analysis, and more, your supervisors can better train agents and motivate them with the correct information, leading to faster case resolution. Bright Pattern’s Omni QM technology can help improve the performance of any team, whether you want to improve the performance of your sales team, marketing team, service agents, or sales reps.

Additional Bright Pattern Features

Powerful Integrations


Frequently Asked Questions

The Zoho telephony business phone system has various pricing depending on the package.




$100 / month for 10 users (1000 free outgoing mins, unlimited free incoming)


$300 / month for 30 users (2000 free outgoing mins, unlimited free incoming)


$1000 / month for 100 users (5000  free outgoing mins, unlimited free incoming)

Zoho Voice is a business telephony and contact center solutions platform for a business of any size with key features incorporated to transform overall business goals and operations, such as: advanced calling and call routing: IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Messaging, and Voicemail services. 

Other Premium features include: Power dialer, Call monitoring, queue and call management software and metrics

Granular Visibility for calls at the agent and customer level for extremely detailed call analytics and built-in dashboards. 

Lastly, fluid and seamless integration with other Zoho Apps for positive customer interaction

Many different groups of people use Zoho Voice every single day.

  1. Sales and marketing teams
  2. Customer support and engagement teams
  3. Outbound call center agents
  4.  Recruiters
  5.  Others. 

Benefits include mass collaboration and click to call functionality

Phone integration with Zoho Voice is critical to creating a positive CX to benefit your business

Zoho CRM comes completely integrated with many popular PBX and call management providers

  • Twilio
  • Zendesk
  • RingCentral
  • Ring.io
  • Ozonetel
  • Knowlarity
  • Promero

When integrated with Bright Pattern, a cloud phone system using omnichannel capabilities and technologies, it can transform your business for the better and to improve your customers experience. 

PBX is a Private Branch eXchange.

It is a commonly used term used to identify a business telephone system that offers multiple inbound and outbound call lines, call routing, voicemail, and call management software and functionality.

Zoho REST apis allow you to build apps using any programming language and infrastructure for Zoho’s over 100 million active users. 

VoIP refers to Voice Over Internet Protocol.

VoIP is a type of telephony phone system that allows you to make voice calls with an Internet connection instead of a standard (analog) phone line. 

Automatic call logging is the collection, analyzing, and reporting of any technical issues or statistical data regarding phone calls.

A phone number or phone call is always recorded, reported, and documented using this type of software.

But, it doesn’t perform call recording

Call logs are used to document important information over the phone. Businesses log calls for any future reference.

Automatic Call Distribution, or ACD, is a type of tool used within the telephony industry. 

ACD systems are often found in any office that handles a large volume of inbound calls

The main purpose of an ACD is to route incoming calls to contact center agents or employees with specific skills. 

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