Call Center Software For The Visually Impaired

Image: Agent Desktop application shows list of keyboard commands

Accessible For The Visually Impaired

Bright Pattern cloud contact center software provides businesses with key features that make it easier for visually impaired adults to work as contact center agents. Our Agent Desktop web application supports screen readers such as JAWS (Job Access with Speech), enabling all users to provide great customer service.

Cloud-based and supported on any web browser. Our solution is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection, enabling many agents to work from home. Thanks to quality management tools such as screen recording, call recording, and monitoring, supervisors can easily provide assistance to all agents on their teams, whether they work onsite or off.

JAWS (Job Access with Speech) screen reader support
WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) tags in key interface locations (e.g., to read alert pop-ups)
Complete keyboard navigation with tab and arrow keys
Shortcut keys for invoking most functions directly
Easy transfer of warm calls to other users within the organization
Quickly mark contacts as Favorites without complicated keystrokes

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Intuitive Unified Agent Desktop

For any user, the Agent Desktop application makes it easy to:

image: List of all Agent Desktop keyboard shortcuts

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