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What Are Auto Dialers?

Exploring how they affect the quality of agents, customers, and organizations.

What Are Auto Dialers

A Beginner's Guide Into Auto Dialer Technology

As businesses and organizations around the world become more focused on productivity, performance, and streamlining workflow, there is a growing need for the implementation of fast, effective, and powerful technology that can transform these enterprises into a global powerhouse in sales. 

Using this software will catapult any organization into the future as it can ensure a dramatic increase in sales and profitability, dynamic relationships between agent and caller, and world-class performance based results.

Table of Contents

What does an auto dialer do

What does an auto dialer do?

It’s a commonly asked question for those new within the call center software community. Well, at Bright Pattern, our all-in-one auto dialer option makes outbound calls to phone numbers in a simple, fluid, and extremely efficient manner which dramatically increases calls per hour and outbound productivity. More calls, more potential revenue. 

For starters, outbound calls are calls that are initially made by a live agent, an actual person, to a potential series of customers who have yet to display any interest in said company’s sales, products, or business. 

Using state-of-the-art AI, Bright Pattern has created powerful auto dialer software that provides a variety of adjustable dialing modes: predictive dialer, preview dialer, and progressive dialer. There are plenty of benefits when choosing Bright Pattern such as improving personalized customer experience, live agent efficiency, significantly decreasing the time and effort spent on manual dialing or cold calling, and lastly, connecting as many agents and customers as possible to boost sales and create a cohesive and enjoyable customer journey by having genuine and effective conversations with customers. The advanced functionality of an advanced dialer option drastically increases revenue, customer satisfaction, and workflow

Bright Pattern is at the forefront of this industry and earns awards by clearly outperforming other competitors on the market. In fact, Bright Pattern’s software was ranked number one by Gartner.

Auto Dialer Software for Business. Automate your outbound call process by using the auto dialer. Enhance the productivity of agents decrease downtime and make contact with more customers every hour.
Progressive Dialer: Increase your phone dialing efficiency and assurance the customers are connected to an agent on the line each time they dial using a sophisticated power dialer. The predictive Dialer: Dial more often and with less errors since it anticipates with precision which person will respond to the next call most quickly. Preview Dialer: conduct research and simplify call selection to allow call center personnel to concentrate on creating a personalized connection to every call. a full-featured manual dialer with a familiar agent-UI and built-in compliance-supporting tools with TCPA Safe Dial. Provide agents with the knowledge tools and direction they require to take control of each moment. Ensure that agents are well-informed to focus on bringing customers success rather than focusing on troubleshooting technology to smooth the sales process, boost agent efficiency; recognize when assistance is needed and enhance the quality of your service. Allow agents to do more Make stronger connections, rely on 99.999 uptime, and customize campaigns to meet your objectives. Build trust and encourage positive customer interaction. Keep in mind the rules as you go and treat your customers with respect and encourage calls backs.

  • voice broadcasting – relay an important message to a list customers at the same time.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) (IVR) You can utilize voice broadcasting in conjunction using an IVR, and add an option to press the key to create contact tones. This allows users to listen to a recordings and communicate with the.
  • answering machine detection Like the name suggests it checks whether a call is being received by a real person.
  • Routing calls – When the program recognizes the person or the answering machine it will take actions in line with the situation.
  • Voice modems are a gadget which allows a computer to play recorded voice messages and other audio messages on phones.

Who uses auto dialer software?

The answer is, a lot! A lot of companies all around the world implement this software in order to greatly improve the customer journey while trying to buy a particular product. The sales staff could create a business strategy centered around selling or marketing a particular product. Essentially, using a contact list will reach as many prospective customers as possible to try to make a sale on a particular product. With this technology, outbound call centers can reduce wait times, make simultaneous calls, and solely focus on talk time with future customers. Using Bright Pattern dialers, agents can avoid cold calling and ensure simultaneous phone calls are made in a timely and speedy manner. The software used by Bright Pattern is revolutionary as it has a wide range of auto dialer features and modes. 

The purpose of this software is to cut time on manually dialing phone numbers, to increase sales and revenue, and optimize the sales staff. Calls with auto dialers work infinitely more effectively than dialing by hand. Obviously, the more people you can reach in the least amount of time, the more possible chance of making a profit. All over the world companies incorporate Bright Pattern as a solution in order to change and rapidly improve their business.

Who uses auto dialer software

What are the top 10 best auto dialer software?

There are plenty of choices but in our opinion, here are our top 10. These picks all work seamlessly with real-time agents to eliminate manual dialing and improve overall efficiency. 

BrightPattern Logo As a dialer provider, we recommend Bright Pattern as our favorite software choice w/ full omnichannel software support, exclusive functions and compliance features
Zendesk Logo Provides conversational support for customers in a simple and convenient manner
Five9 Logo Leading provider of cloud-based call center solutions that focuses on customer engagement (such as appointment scheduling, mass sales, etc)
RingCentral Logo Focuses on larger enterprises and offers cloud solutions based products
Genesys Cloud CX Logo Sells dialer tech to small/large organizations 
CloudTalk Logo Manage all calls from a single source platform
DialMyCalls Logo Sends automated messages, text, and SMS, in bulk to an entire contact list instantly (i.e. campus emergency, sales promotions, etc.)
Aloware Logo Cloud based solutions option with a priority on personal customer communication and relationships
Spitfire Dialers Logo Offers cloud, premise, or hybrid solutions
PhoneBurner Logo A cloud based dialer option that maximizes agent productivity and efficiency

What are the common features of dialer technology?

The advanced and built-in tools that come with a dialer-based system will make a world of difference to your business. From time-zone management, simultaneous calls and more, using this software is sure to improve overall flow and enhanced productivity. 

Below, you will find a breakdown of the most basic and common features for those who choose to invest. 

  • CRM Integration: If your dialer can integrate into your personalized crm (customer relationship management) system it will allow you to document every single customer interaction for information all on one system, maximizing the simplicity of the entire process.  

  • Managing Time Zones: Understanding the logistics of time zones all over the world can be exhausting and decrease time and efficiency. Now, perform these repetitive tasks automatically so there will be no confusion around the logistics of a call and as many available agents can be focused on other phone calling

  • Predictive Dialing: For those not aware, auto dialing and predictive dialing are not the same thing. In fact, predictive dialing software operates using an algorithm  which helps significantly reduce the overall time between phone calls and predicts when it will end to instantly set up another separate call. This helps make predictions based on the agent and decides when to set up another call while the original call is already live, improving answer rates and eliminating idle time. Since the agent is a real person, it would be impossible for them to perform this on their own. 

These common yet critical features help improve agent productivity as auto dialing software is becoming a wave into the future with the hopes of attracting as many global enterprises and covering as much real estate within the industry as possible to hop on board.

What are the benefits?

So, what are the benefits? The most obvious benefit of an automated dialer is it reduces the stress and actual time for call center agents to manually type in a potential customers number from an extraordinarily long caller directory. Since the software dials numbers automatically, agent productivity can be maximized as they can solely focus on specific customer issues and mass calling campaigns.

Automatically dialing with the Bright Pattern system is effortless. The special dialing system allows you to record and research crucial customer information and allows you to catalog whether there were any answered calls, unanswered calls, or sent to voicemail. Using this information allows agents to be aware of customers that have already been called on the calling list, an extensive list of numbers, or dialing a number that is a dead number. By applying this type of dialing software to a business, it can dramatically reduce time, stress, and costs while simultaneously boosting overall performance for enhanced productivity and revenue.

Lastly, Bright Pattern allows you to keep track of all customer activity on a single platform, to service customers in any of their needs no matter what stage they are at on their journey.

Dialer Software Topics

Let’s explore some common topics related to this industry!  

  • Dialer Systems:  A type of automated system that places calls to customers from specific locations which focus on outbound call center solutions. The process of agents marketing campaigns and selling products are known as outbound campaigns

  • Power Dialer: used by agents to call lists effortlessly back-to-back. If the number cannot be reached for any reason, it will instantly move onto the next call without any assistance from the agent. 

  • Touch-Tone: an active telephone consisting of “push buttons” that create tones depending on the given numbers which were first introduced in the 1960’s. 

  • Caller ID: Caller Identification, is a type of telephone service that identifies incoming calls.

  • Notifications: A notification is a pop-up style message that can appear in various formats (SMS, message, email, etc) to notify you of something  important. 

  • Live Call: a type of call where the person or business receiving the call, can immediately talk with the caller. 

  • API: Application Programming Interface is a special way that two or more computer programs can communicate seamlessly.

  • Voicemail: Or voice mailbox, is a type of system that can save and record messages from callers. Everyone uses voicemail on their personal home phones and cell phones
  • Telemarketing: the act of businesses using calls to customers to sell, market, and share products with customers. It is a global business and customers can receive calls from all over the world. Most of these businesses use AI to make hundreds of calls per day. Sometimes, these marketing strategies are sent out as pre-recorded messages.

Hopefully, with this short breakdown of popular types of auto dialer topics, you are more knowledgeable about the technology and how crucial it is to promotional teams, marketing campaigns, sales reps, and the entire business process.

How Does A Contact Center Use A Dialer System

How Does A Contact Center Use A Dialer System?

It allows businesses and organizations to organize all of their customer activity through various channels. An all-in-one cloud contact center solution exists to provide customers fast, simple, and seamless customer support throughout multiple channel partners (text, call, email, SMS, webchat, etc). Due to their critical importance, small businesses and large enterprises can both tremendously benefit from using this type of technology. 

This software can help maximize outbound sales and outbound campaigns by making automatic calls to future customers in a matter of moments. It will use a contact list filled with hundreds of numbers to automatically call as many customers as possible. These calls are critical to sales reps on the sales team as the more calls sent out, the higher potential to increase revenue and make a sale. Due to marketing automation, these processes are completed automatically to optimize simplicity and work methods, thus optimizing the overall process.

How is Cloud Incorporated in The Dialer Industry?

At its purest form, Bright Pattern’s technology works through the cloud. Accessing advanced features, tools, and other channels is a seamless and fluid process using the cloud. With this technology, it can dramatically boost an online business, both small and large, in sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Plus, there is powerful CRM software which provides customized reporting to save, record, and manage customer’s personal information and interactions across all channels. By providing these options, easily service customers depending on what channel they are accessing. This system creates custom reports based on their previous interactions for any agent or employee to review.

How Do Dialers Work With Cloud-Based Software?

Both go hand-in-hand! Instead of having an in-person multi-manned facility, using the cloud allows all the information to be placed onto cloud storage which provides unlimited access to any caller information (whether it be contact number, address, etc.). Going into the future with this technology is essential for growth and enhanced productivity.

  • For example, a voice modem has the ability to transfer and receive call/voice recordings over the phone. With the cloud, a voice modem (which is a physical piece of hardware), is no longer necessary due to the fact that the cloud operates via the internet and can be accessed at any time from any location.

  • In fact, there are many types of phone systems which customers choose to contact these facilities with. These systems are any type of hardware that a customer can use to make or take calls. However, with the cloud, the calls used with these systems are automatically recorded and saved via cloud technology.

How Does Bright Pattern Use Dialer Technology?

Bright Pattern is at the forefront of dialer and omnichannel technology. But, how are these technologies used on a daily basis to assist businesses to meet their goals, increase their revenue, and achieve their business plans

  • Phone Dialer: used by facilities to automate dialing of customer contact numbers and manage the results of the calls. 

  • Automatic Call Distribution: a type of device that will answer or issue an incoming call to specific groups or agents in a company. 

  • Phone Line: a basic telephone connection used to communicate with people all over the world. 
How Does Bright Pattern Use Dialer Technology
  • Voice Broadcasting: allows businesses to send recorded messages to multiple contact numbers simultaneously which are essential time-savers.

  • Preview Dialers: will choose a customer record from a caller’s list and recommend the agent to call that specific customer contact number (provided by the record).

  • Progressive Dialers: provide customer contact information to a human agent before the call is made, reducing idle time. 

As you can see, dialing technology is crucial to eliminating repetitive tasks and improving agent efficiency so agents can prioritize real conversations with customers. Bright Pattern’s adjustable dialer has a variety of modes depending on your goals and preferences. The costs will vary depending on the software you invest in.

How Do Dialers Work With Cloud-Based Software?

Both go hand-in-hand! Instead of having an in-person multi-manned facility, using the cloud allows all the information to be placed onto cloud storage which provides unlimited access to any caller information (whether it be contact number, address, etc.). Going into the future with this technology is essential for growth and enhanced productivity.

  • For example, a voice modem has the ability to transfer and receive call/voice recordings over the phone. With the cloud, a voice modem (which is a physical piece of hardware), is no longer necessary due to the fact that the cloud operates via the internet and can be accessed at any time from any location. 

  • In fact, there are many types of phone systems which customers choose to contact these facilities with. These systems are any type of hardware that a customer can use to make or take calls. However, with the cloud, the calls used with these systems are automatically recorded and saved via cloud technology.
What Is The Difference Between Predictive Dialer and Power Dialer

What Is The Difference Between Predictive Dialer and Power Dialer?

It may be confusing to grasp software at first glance. However, there are stark differences between this type of software that is used daily by agents to perform calls.

  • Predictive Dialer Modes: has the ability to predict the ratio of customers who will answer the phone and performs calls to connect as many agents with a live call based on potential rate.

  • Power Dialer: a helpful tool used by an agent to call a long list of numbers in quick succession. If for some reason the number cannot be contacted, it will seamlessly move to the next call without help from the agent.

Buying and Ranking

There are plenty of resources available to research this software, as having an adjustable dialer is crucial for success. Here are a few of the top websites that compare, calculate, and cover this technology based on personal use and user reviews:

  1. G2
  2. SoftwareAdvice
  3. Capterra
  4. Wpbeginner
  5. Getapp
  6. Softwareconnect
  7. Trustradius
  8. Saasworthy
  9. Getvoip
  10. Quicksprout

What Are The Challenges of Using Modern Dialer Solutions?

For those that are new to the industry, there can be several challenges that may arise when implementing present-day dialers. As an organization, you must research the various dialer options, costs, dialing technology, and more. What types of dialer should you purchase? How does an adjustable dialer operate? Is a standalone dialer different from an all-in-one dialer? These are the types of questions that must be understood so your representatives are successful in achieving the organization’s goals. Throughout the United States, and even outside North America, Bright Pattern is a leading contender and service provider for the most optimal, engaging, and effective solutions and tools. 

By exploring these challenges, you can get a better understanding of tools and contact center applications

  • Dialer Options: a dialer option is a term that represents the various types of dialer and can include: preview dialing, automatic dialing, robo dialer, apps, etc. 

  • Dialer Costs: depending on the cloud center technology and software you choose, costs may vary but are often provided in various plans, packages, bundles, and pricing. 

  • Types of Dialer: the world of dialers is vast, and based on the software used, you can explore an array of options in terms of types of dialer. However, we recommend Bright Pattern. 

  • Dialing Technology: modern auto dialer solutions are constantly evolving and seamless transitions between channels is a major selling point with dialing technology and service providers. In North America alone, the dialing industry is a massive industry leader earning millions of dollars in revenue per year. Cloud solutions are the future of business and are truly a no-brainer for organizations, both small and large, to excel with. Plus, with Bright Pattern technology, you can reduce the manual dial rate, increase sales, and keep happy customers. 

  • Auto Dialer Apps: A leading and groundbreaking app in the sphere is the Bright Pattern Mobile CX App. This app allows any customer to contact an agent and discuss a potential purchase. Plus, the app lets any employee join a conversation with a customer to assist with a purchase or problem. These apps are essential and can make a major difference with the personal touch to service customers

As more and more challenges approach your business or organization, it is important to realize there are always valuable resources to research the industry and ensure you can make the leap to automatic dialing and cloud-based call center software.

Smoothing Out The Business Process With Automatic Dialers

The sales staff and contact service agent will create business strategy around the entire sales process to help boost the success rate of your business and ensure customer expectations are met. Using dialing technology allows you to choose from a wide range of dialer options depending on the situation. The old-school system of yesteryear is a thing of the past as automatic dialers are the easiest way for seamless customer communication, the elimination of manual telephone dialing, and world class cloud center performance. Plus, our app, provided by Bright Pattern, connects any employee with a customer in an instant to match customer expectations.

As sales agents become more familiar, their success rate will skyrocket as the entire process will become smooth as butter. By implementing these major yet necessary changes, any type of organization can begin to thrive by discovering valuable leads, making massive sales, and taking a step into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agent performance is critical to overall customer success and using Bright Pattern dialer technology is a sure-fire way to succeed on the customer front. It is important for agents and staff to draft a sales funnel through marketing automation, create a sales pitch, grasp how customer success is rated and how crucial agent talk time is. There is a long and intricately detailed history of telephone sales and marketing campaigns that is not necessarily needed to become a successful agent, but it is important to understand the basic concepts from these documents.

One major document we will reference is the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act):

  • TCPA Compliance: the telephone consumer protection act is a document written in 1991 that established and addressed customer telephone marketing and telemarketing practices for industry leaders. In fact, a branch known as the FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, has oversight over these acts and documents.

  • One of the major changes enacted by the FCC is companies and entities had to create specific do-not-call lists to avoid potential bother, concern, and annoyance of thousands of people who felt disturbed by the vastly growing prerecorded messages and calls from random businesses.

  • The FCC is a leading government agency that regulates radio, television, satellite, and more.

  • The FCC writes laws, acts, and rules depending on how the nation’s communications change throughout the year and oversees these changes and compliance requirements. They are a powerful branch that use data, political campaigns, and research, to help determine their decisions.

As more and more agents learn the history of telephone marketing, they can become acutely aware of the mistakes made in the past and how to properly avoid them. Understanding these changes enacted by these powerful bodies will ensure increased productivity and maximize telephone marketing knowledge.

With Bright Pattern, improve customer success with advanced AI and bots to transform generic technology into world-class omnichannel solutions center technology. Using AI, agents can decrease waiting, speed up processes, and seamlessly communicate with customers across various channels. Agents making sales calls can now make an automated call using an AI powered all-in-one auto dialer which was impossible not too long ago as agents had to manually dial numbers. Instead of having unlimited agents, Bright Pattern uses AI to automatically complete trivial and time-consuming tasks so agents can focus on more important matters. These unique dialing systems and solutions utilize state-of-the-art AI speech engines and voice recognition software to optimize the buyer journey on both sides of the phone (customer and agent).

Bright Pattern uses Interactive Voice Response IVR technology to provide customers a way to interact with an AI system to be directed depending on their needs. This interactive technology vastly improves customer support and speeds up the process of where a customer wants to go on their journey.

Below are a few key features used with this technology:

  • Routing: the act of redirecting a caller to a specific person or group depending on their needs. This act routes calls to reach as many people as possible in an efficient manner. 

  • Inbound Calls: a call that a client or customer initially makes to a facility. These types of calls are extremely common and happen daily in every industry from small businesses to global enterprises. 

  • Callback: a calling feature that informs the system to save a contact number and to ensure the call is made when the caller line is finally available, a disconnected line, or without a busy signal.

  • Call Recording: the basic process of recording audio during a phone call. Used during important calls based on security, health care, credit card numbers, medicine, and financial services

  • VOIP: a voip, or voice over internet protocol, is a way for you to make calls by using an internet connection instead of using a regular telephone line. Essentially, it transmits a voice into a digital signal that seamlessly travels across the Internet. 

  • Answering Machine: a type of device that will receive missed calls but will offer a special, personalized message to the caller. These audio messages are called voice mails. They can be both a physical or digital device and are widely used by nearly every person with a phone and activate when the caller cannot reach their intended target.

  • Answering Machine Detection: A.M.D. is used to screen any outgoing calls and avoid answering mechanisms. 

The Bright Pattern mobile app is a revolutionary app that allows Bright Pattern’s one-of-a-kind Omnichannel Agent Desktop into a mobile device to assist businesses to transform themselves into a more digitally mobile focused system. Simply download app as it is available on iOS and Android. The groundbreaking difference with Bright Pattern Mobile is it provides any employee at a company to instantly communicate with a customer or any other employee at the company to ensure unrivaled customer service and provide plenty of customer resources. This style of contact transforms any ordinary employee phone into a business phone system. The power of the Bright Pattern app allows you to grow your business, whether large or small, and optimize the work process by ensuring all employees can communicate with each other seamlessly in order to assess any type of customer need.

Bright Pattern is an industry leader omnichannel solutions specialist and is focused on creating the greatest possible software to help businesses and customers achieve their professional and personal goals. Below is a list of key concepts that will lead to a perfect customer journey.

  • Bright Pattern CX App (transforms every employee phone into an interconnected contact system) 
  • Adjustable Dialer Options
  • Progressive Dialing 
  • AI Workflow Automation 
  • Data Security (with the help of the cloud)
  • Proper Management Solution
  • Popular Social Media Presence
  • Helping Nonprofit Organizations 
  • Powerful & Positive Strategic Alliances 
  • Plans, Packaging, & Pricing Starts 
  • Fun, Progressive, & Enjoyable Work Environment

By following these recommendations, you can learn how to operate powerful business solutions while maximizing the growth of your business, customer engagement, and agent effectiveness.

A variety of tools are used in these applications:

  • Auto Dial Technology
  • Basic Call Queue 
  • Call Dialer Technology
  • Built-In CRM System
  • Customer Surveys Post-Call
  • Choices For Dialing Mode
  • Easy-To-Use Dashboards 
  • Power Dialing Software
  • Preview Dialing Software
  • Voice Broadcasting Software
  • Real True Omnichannel
  • Built-In Quality Management System
  • Powered By Cloud
  • Bot Conversations
  • Assistance For Agents Through AI
  • Seamless Sentiment Surveys
  • Voice & Text Analysis
  • Drag & Drop Scenario Builder
  • Call & Screen Recording
  • All Digital Channels Support
  • Scalability
  • Simplistic Tech Updates
  • Secure & Solid Platform
  • Instant Desktop Access
  • Fastest ROI / Time To Implement In The Industry

Keeping your agent availability up to par is critical as it has a direct correlation to happy customers. These agents can sell products, endorse political campaigns or political organizations, and gather research using a list of leads provided by the software. Obviously, the goal of an agent is to have high conversion ratios, create opportunities, and leave with happy customers. Manual calling campaigns are a thing of the past as software automatically completes the most trivial of processes, manually telephone dialing.

With Bright Pattern, the personal connection agents have with customer success rate is primarily based on an intelligent business strategy implemented to target to correct people. To service customers and match customer expectations, agents need to be well-informed on how to interact and be knowledgeable about the product they are trying to sell. Thus, a proper business strategy is critical to success rate and the sales operation. The dialing technology used by Bright Pattern software will help reach a vast amount of prospective customers, but the agent themselves must be aware of how to make the sale and where the customer is at in their journey.

Teaching your agents to be kind, intelligent, and informative will provide a personalized customer journey, exceed customer expectations, improve morale with both the customer and agent.

Dialing technology is used in a handful of ways as a solution for companies to establish a database of leads for call center representatives. As modern contact center software becomes more accessible and easier to operate, the life and performance of an agent will significantly improve. For example, instead of a manual dialing approach or manual dialing process on a generic telephone keypad, the software will automatically dial for the agent which provides separate dialing solutions. In fact, minutes per agent will increase as they can solely focus on aiding as many customers as possible. This will decrease the abandonment rate of callers hanging up after extra-long waiting lines as interactions with customers is the key to seamless customer journey management. Moving on, dialer tracking will allow agents to figure out how a customer reached your business line and can provide them either real responses, machine messages, or phone messages based on a message template using a computer-generated voice powered by AI and machine learning. Speech messages and business messaging are extremely important. As an outbound dialing solution, this gives agents tremendous power and flexibility. A list of phone numbers, or phone list, will be provided to the agent through the software to give them the ability to contact an unlimited number of potential customers. Phone calling campaigns are extremely popular and effective in this industry for business brands as a way to increase sales and spread ideas. As for people behind the marketing company and sales, completing calls, task management, writing detailed real-time reports, and achieving sales is critical to every business model, no matter the size.

In summary, cloud contact center tools are crucial to cementing your organization as a futuristic and efficient leader in your industry. Using this software, pre-recorded audio messages, pre-recorded voice messages, and other helpful tools allow agents to prioritize their actions and focus on real conversations with customers, review helpful information, and successfully complete calls and sales. In closing, implementing this software will significantly improve businesses or enterprises and choosing Bright Pattern is your first step to those goals.

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