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Exploring The World of The Power Dialer

A deep-dive into how power dialers effectively improve agent productivity, eliminate trivial tasks, and act as a gateway into the world of maximizing revenue.

A Basic Guide Into The Power Dialer

The growing use of advanced software tools are becoming commonplace among businesses and organizations. These special tools help optimize productivity, integrate faster results, automate trivial tasks, improve agent and customer satisfaction, and most importantly maximize overall growth and revenue. 

By cutting out the time spent dialing by hand, researching customer information, and trying to manually reach the next customer, this powerful tool will cut the time-wasting and exponentially increase performance as agents will spend more time creating engaging and genuine relationships with their customers…and less time on bothersome tasks.

How Does A Power Dialer Work?

A power dialer is a tool used by a live agent to add phone numbers to a calling list in rapid succession and dial them in order. If for whatever reason the call cannot be connected, it will effortlessly move to the very next call without any help from the agent. Essentially, this eliminates any repetitive or trivial tasks such as manual dialing, searching for contact information, or copy-pasting customer’s numbers. It is used to optimize productivity for marketing teams, sales members, and massive marketing campaigns; unlike auto dialers or predictive dialers which are usually tools used exclusively by telemarketing agents. So, in short, that is how they work!

What Are The Benefits Of A Power Dialer?

In basic terms, a power dialer gives you the ability to make more calls in the least amount of time without removing complete control over a specific calling queue. A power dialer automatically maximizes efficiency of sales representatives making calls to potential customers. With this software, agents can drastically decrease the time spent on manual or trivial tasks such as researching phone numbers or copy-pasting key customer information. By eliminating these tasks, it allows agents to focus on creating new and exciting leads, optimizing the salesforce, and improving overall workflow

Now, the power is in the hands of the agent. They can optimize their sales process, create new strategies, and focus on ensuring the customer has a perfect experience with their product. With this automation, agents can start calling and make successive outbound calls to a mass array of potential prospects while simultaneously saving time and effort on manually dialing. They can focus on the next customer without disrupting control over the call flow. Essentially, available agents are constantly speaking to future customers and making sales without the extra hassle of completing manual tasks.

Power Dialing Topics

There are plenty of resources available to understand this software but we will cover a few key tools that are commonly used by contact facilities. At these facilities, agents use a variety of software tools in order to optimize agent availability and overall performance. So, what are some of these tools? For starters, call recording is a typical way to save and store all customer call history. Caller ID helps identify any incoming calls. A sales dialer maximizes the overall effectiveness and volume of all outbound calls. Actually, they are under the branch of auto dialer software, predictive dialer, and progressive dialer. Each of these dialing systems can either dial individual numbers seamlessly or dial various numbers at the same time. Call monitoring is essential for developing knowledge on negative customer issues and interactions. This gives agents the ability to improve their craft, learn from their mistakes, and ensure they are closing deals as outbound sales are critical to performance.

Essentially, these are some of the key aspects of this software. The tools commonly used by agents help dramatically improve salesforce, simplicity, and efficiency.

What Are The Differences Between A Power Dialer and Predictive Dialer?

Both of these tools are critical to an agent as each has special functionality. However, there are several stark differences between the two.

  • Power Dialer: a software tool used by agents to automatically call lists seamlessly back-to-back. If the number cannot be reached, it will instantly move to the very next number in the contact list and make the call without any other assistance from the agent. 
  • Predictive Dialer: a software tool which uses an algorithm that has the capability to predict the ratio of customers who will potentially answer the phone and makes calls to connect as many agents as possible with a live call depending on the possible call rates.

Both of these dialing modes are crucial to any contact facility as each uses automation to perform their tasks. Each tremendously improves productivity, purpose, and efficiency for all sales calls as calling campaigns can reach their organization’s goals.

How is CRM Important?

CRM (Customer Research Management) is a quintessential aspect of call center software. It allows businesses to track, store, and identify the entire customer journey from start to finish. The sales agent has the ability to keep track of a personalized record of each customer interaction, whether positive or negative, in the palm of their hands in order to optimize agent performance and customer satisfaction. For example, if a customer makes inbound calls to an agent, that agent will have a record of their information and interactions from previous calls; similar to call logs.

There are plenty of other reasons why CRM integration is important. It gives the entire service team easy, simple, and instant access to any particular customer information: phone numbers, previous interaction history, or call recordings. With this software for sales teams, agents can receive information about any customer automatically through screen pops-ups after every call. With this software, ensure the customer journey is a success. Plus, you can use this software to deliver outbound calls, optimize a business phone system, send SMS messages, and boost customer satisfaction. 


Lastly, it provides a full-fledged customized report to save and manage a customer’s personal information across any type of channel. With these options, agents can effortlessly assist a customer depending where they are on their journey. This recorded data is extremely important for personal information in fields of: health insurance, internet security, credit card companies, etc., as it is essential to keep this information private and secure under strict laws and regulations in the United States and English UK.

No matter the size of your business or organization, using these tools will streamline workflow and maximize productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

How Does A Call Center Use A Power Dialer?

There are various ways to use this software properly. By providing agents with as many live connections as possible, it gives them the opportunity to focus on new calls in the queue and worry-less about a previous call, whether positive or negative. Their attention is always focused on the next call and assisting the next customer with their issues whether it be to buy a product, compare plans, or explore a potential partnership. Agents at these facilities can lead tracking and sales information in order to maximize the customer experience. Plus, they can use a few more nifty tools at their disposal.

  • Click To Call: is an extremely helpful tool which helps prevent errors as it highlights all numbers that appear on a list, webpage, or video to let agents “click” those numbers and instantly dial potential customers individually or back-to-back. In fact, this tool can be used via Chrome extension.
  • Call Tracking: is a tool used to determine how a caller initially found your business. Sales and marketing team members can use this tracking software to detail calls to specific channels that eventually led the caller/customer to your business.

So, in summary, there are common tools used with this software that are employed by these facilities. But, there are extra tools and software used to find out specific tracking or logistical information depending on the individual caller.

Why Do Sales Teams Use Power Dialer Software?

These teams, whether an in-person or a remote team, use this software to eliminate time-consuming tasks such as manual dialing or desperately searching for customer contact information. A team can make an endless amount of calls to as many potential customers using power dialer software. This type of dialing software is spreading throughout organizations and is being implemented by software companies such as Bright Pattern and Salesforce. By utilizing this automation, sales reps can focus on engaging and effective conversations with customers in real-time. Since customer outreach is so important for business success, having positive interactions with customers is critical. Using these dialers helps teams make phone calls instantly, decreases chances of cold calls, and exponentially increases the rates of contacts per hour. Agent availability can be focused on providing detailed, engaging, and essential information such as pricing plans, setup fees, or a product tour to the customer in order to make the final sale.


This software is commonly used by call center software agents all over the world. By automatically dialing, it can make outward calls to numbers in a fast, fluid, and effective manner. This drastically increases the amount of calls made per hour and overall outbound performance. In its simplest form, the more calls…the more possible revenue. Plus, this software will provide personalized customer service, reduce time spent on dialing by hand, and reduce cold calling or hang-ups.

But, what are some common dialer software terms? These tools are used in a variety of ways from creating connection rates, simplifying processes, and finalizing sales conversions

A voip, or voice over internet protocol, is the transmission of voice traffic that is sent over an internet connection, not a physical connection from a phone line. Due to it being entirely virtual, a voip phone is a significantly faster, less expensive, and more streamline way of making phone calls. An answering machine is a device that will actively receive missed calls but will provide a personalized message to the caller and can be a digital or physical device. A voicemail is a system that saves messages or record calls from other callers. Everyone uses a voicemail system on their personal cell or home phones. A voicemail drop, quite an interesting term, is dropping a pre recorded message into a voicemail inbox. However, their phone will not ring, but they will receive a notification of a new voice message so the receiver can eventually call back and give a follow up. Call routing will redirect the caller to a particular person or group depending on their needs or journey.

As you can see, auto dialing is critical to agents and dialer software terminology is crucial to developing an understanding of this industry.

Of course! These facilities, both in-person and virtual call centers, use this type of technology to maximize productivity, eliminate manual duties, and boost sales. Some of these facilities use cloud-based technology in order to optimize flow and track performances. By using power dialer features, such as unlimited calling to extensive lists for faster contact or sending an automated call or message to a potential prospect, agents can effectively use a dynamic calling system that is a wave into the future as more and more businesses are making the jump into implementing this type of software. There are a variety of power dialing modes available as cost is flexible depending on the software employed (we recommend Bright Pattern).

Using cloud software is becoming extremely common in this industry as it ensures all information is saved and stored virtually, instead of at an in-person facility. With the cloud, it can provide unlimited resources, information and access to caller information. There are plenty of dialer software for sales available as power dialer pricing may be expensive but we highly recommend Bright Pattern.

It can improve a standard system in a variety of ways.

  1. Maximize overall efficiency and overall volume of every outward call. 
  2. Dial individual or dial multiple numbers depending on your preference.
  3. Each dialer is specialized and personalized for the individual.
  4. Automatically and accurately dial numbers in rapid succession.
  5. Allows agents to solely focus on real and engaging conversations with customers.

As older systems can be canceled anytime, it is the obvious choice to make the leap to using a new type of software. While the older systems of the past are becoming extremely outdated, this type of software will help increase agent and customer satisfaction, boost overall performance, and maximize potential sales.

Dialing technology is extremely important to use in modern-day business practices.

CCaaS (Contact Center As A Service)

A software solution that enables cloud-based customer support. Provides significantly faster implementation, simplicity, flexible scaling.

Call Tags

Putting various types of labels on any calls based on their context

Call Queue

Vastly improves organization and simplicity at any facility as it ensures the process is easier for happier customers.

Lead Distribution

Improves lead management by automatically assigning any leads to the proper sales technician based on previously determined criteria. (i.e. time-zone, availability, knowledge, work ethic, etc.)

Some of the greatest practices when running a facility revolve around communication, sales and marketing team training, product awareness, and customer relationships. There are a variety of training methods and programs available to drastically improve these areas to ensure your team is optimized to spread information, find solutions, and create sales.

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