What Is HubSpot? - A Definitive Guide For 2024

HubSpot is a leading provider of cloud-based CRM designed to help sales teams and marketing teams exceed company goals and metrics, increase overall ROI, and maximize inbound marketing efforts to create more sustainable leads. 

HubSpot is a platform aiming to market and sell your product more successfully. 

What Does HubSpot Do?

HubSpot refers to the CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service software platform with the primary goal of helping companies optimize their sales and marketing outreach services to transform company growth. 

HubSpot provides five main products (referred to as Hubs):

  • Sales Hub
  • Marketing Hub
  • Service Hub
  • CMS Hub
  • Operations Hub

What Does HubSpot Do?

HubSpot refers to the CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service software platform with the primary goal of helping companies optimize their sales and marketing outreach services to transform company growth. 

HubSpot provides five main products (referred to as Hubs):

  • Sales Hub
  • Marketing Hub
  • Service Hub
  • CMS Hub
  • Operations Hub

Why Clients Choose Bright Pattern

A true Omnichannel solution

The Bright Pattern solution provides the flexibility to switch between communication channels—from voice calls and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger to SMS/MMS, video, and more—while retaining context (by delivering relevant data from Dynamics 365) for a personalized customer experience.

AI and Bot Enabled

Bright Pattern also integrates with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and bot solutions to give agents and customers enhanced automation to speed time to resolution and improve the customer experience. Bright Pattern works with AI-powered bots of third-party vendors, including Microsoft.

Cloud based customer experience

As the only cloud customer experience platform that runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud, Bright Pattern shares Microsoft’s strategic vision for a mobile world of customer engagement with the strongest mobile capabilities, including in-app messaging (e.g., chat, video chat, document sharing, etc.), messenger channel support, and SMS/text messaging.

What Is HubSpot Integration?

HubSpot integrations allow data to be passed to and from external/internal systems and the main HubSpot COS.

For example, the HubSpot email integration can automatically connect to your email inbox to launch email campaigns, track open and engagement rates, and log data back into contact records in the HubSpot CRM

What Are HubSpot Contacts?

HubSpot Contacts: Contacts store data and information about a specific person. Depending on the data, from marketing automation to website content, the lead-specific data found in contact records helps users incorporate HubSpot records.

What Is HubSpot CRM Integration?

HubSpot CRM Integration is the seamless integration between HubSpot and other third-party applications.

Integrations provide a wealth of benefits such as: eliminating trivial tasks, expanding the functionality of your software, improving workflow, automating countless processes, and increased productivity.

There are several popular third-party integration software solutions to choose which integrates with HubSpot. The most common include Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Close. 

What Are HubSpot CRM Benefits?

The top 5 benefits of incorporating HubSpot CRM are as follows:

  1. Stronger, Faster, and More Sustainable Sales
  2. Streamline Workflow and Improve Communication
  3. Receive Full Visibility Into Your Business
  4. Support Leads and Create More Personalized Relationships
  5. Everything Becomes Simplified

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How Does HubSpot Work?

How does HubSpot work?

It’s pretty simple.

Hubspot works by connecting to an organization’s website and using its complex and helpful tools in its Hubs to gather, engage, and generate new leads and customers.

To achieve these goals for an organization, the HubSpot platform designs a proactive website, generates traffic toward the website, converts said traffic into leads, and provides great customer service

Since HubSpot incorporates cloud technology, it allows users in any organization or enterprise to operate the HubSpot platform anywhere worldwide, guaranteeing customer success.

Why Use HubSpot?

The main advantage of HubSpot is its one-of-a-kind marketing and sales package.

This all-in-one package helps generate traffic, build a customer base, grow your overall business, and create genuine sales in real-time.

These tools provide the ability to increase the popularity of a brand and dramatically boost customer support

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a specific technique for attracting customers to products and services using online marketing tools such as SEO, social media, landing pages, blogs, web analytics, and more. 

These dynamic and important tools allow anyone to integrate software into their organization’s website or design a website using the HubSpot platform.

Plus, it performs as a Content Management System or CMS. 

How Many Customers Are Using HubSpot?

Around 121,000 customers in over 120 countries use HubSpot’s tools and platform.

HubSpot truly embodies the spirit of customer interaction and supporting the customer journey.

A customers experience is unique to HubSpot, and they value every single person, no matter where they are in the world, and provide the tools and services needed to make a business successful. 

What Are The Five HubSpot Hubs?

There are five major hubs of HubSpot.

Those are Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub.

HubSpot data is used to improve CX and boost business performance. 

The 5 Hubs are the backbone of the HubSpot workflow and all customer success stories

What Does The HubSpot Marketing Hub Do?

The HubSpot Marketing Hub helps grow web traffic and generate leads quickly and efficiently without using high-cost developers.

The main goal is to find new visitors to the website and convert them into dedicated and loyal customers by maximizing website traffic. 

What Does The HubSpot Sales Hub Do?

The HubSpot Sales Hub is designed to provide customers a fluid and seamless experience across any aspect of your organization or enterprise.

To perform and create a seamless experience, the Sales Hub gathers meticulous details about customer data. It places it in a single centralized location. 

Any members of the sales and support teams can access various aspects of the information based on the permissions provided by managers or moderators. 

Having this information readily available for team members speeds up the sales process. It provides an overall higher level of customer satisfaction. 

What Does The HubSpot Service Hub Do?

The HubSpot Service Hub has customer service software tools and features that optimize any organization’s overall CX journey and experience. 

Statistics are a real thing and reference in business. Unsurprisingly, 89% of customers will buy from your company again if the original CX is positive. 

The HubSpot Service Hub helps gain and sustain customers with heightened support and service for all customers.

What Does the HubSpot CMS Hub Do?

The HubSpot CMS Hub allows businesses and marketing agencies to design and manage their websites quickly. 

For those looking to build a business website that is maximized for inbound, implementing the CMS Hub is essential.

People are fickle. First impressions are everything. 

You can ensure your website is ready to generate a lead by choosing HubSpot CMS Hub.

What Does The HubSpot Operations Hub Do?

The HubSpot Operations Hub, the newest HubSpot Hub lineup, can automate trivial business processes and keep teams centered with a single source of customer information.

Execute a seamless CS with a complete list of tools and features to grow and operate your business. 

Using the HubSpot Operations Hub, you and your team can access a centralized CRM platform that stores and manages all customer data, eliminates trivial business tasks, connects apps, and more. 

Omnichannel Capabilities with CRM Solutions

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel call centre software allows sales reps and call centre agents to provide great customer service over any channel. Combine Hubspot products with Bright Pattern’s call centre software to improve the customer service experience, perform call tracking and track customer journeys, and deliver excellent customer service.

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel capabilities within the contact centre solution allows agents to connect with customers on a variety of different channels. Your call centre can interact with customers through channels like voice, SMS, text, messenger apps, email, video, mobile app, and more. All of these interactions can be stored in Hubspot. This means that your agents, support teams, sales teams, and sales reps can have a high amount of conversation intelligence during live calls or live chat with customers. This, in turn, will lead to great customer service customer service experiences and higher customer success.

Bright Pattern’s contact centre integration with Hubspot also allows call centres to customize workflows and lead customers through different CRM channels. By customizing workflows and utilizing workflow automation, your customers can be led to the right agent on the channels that they want to connect on, leading to excellent customer service.

Agent Empowerment

Call centre agents, sales reps, and service teams utilizing Bright Pattern’s contact centre solution with a Hubspot phone integration or Hubspot VOIP integration will have a more seamless experience with the types of customer service tools that Bright Pattern’s contact centre software provides. By integrating a CRM’s core functionality with call productivity tools within the Bright Pattern platform, your agents can provide excellent customer service on any channel and improve various call centre metrics, like average handle times and faster case resolution. Agents can direct customers to the right knowledge articles and get a full view of prior customer conversations. They can also record customer data within Hubspot and add information to Hubspot contacts within Bright Pattern’s cloud-native solution. Allow agents to provide an exceptional level of customer satisfaction with Bright Pattern’s integration with Hubspot through the Hubspot API.

True Omnichannel Routing

Bright Pattern can integrate with Hubspot to create a Hubspot call centre solution that offers powerful omnichannel routing to all channels, rather than a multichannel approach that lacks context and personalization.

Many call centre solutions still rely on bolted-on channels and technologies, meaning that many companies still have multichannel “siloed environments,” or separate touch points, resulting in friction for the customer journey.

Bright Pattern’s advanced omnichannel call centre solution allows companies to deliver a rich and personal solution for contact centres that can be easily implemented. With all communication channels for agents and customers included natively, there are no disparate systems to worry about, and attention can be focused solely on the customer and productive agents.

Furthermore, Bright Pattern omnichannel routing technology allows you to create communication workflows based on the information contained in the Hubspot service hub. You can route inbound calls and contacts based on almost any information contained in Hubspot, including the value of the customer, the customer’s phone number, whether they used the mobile app, the last agent that serviced the client, skill levels, and more.

Customizable Journeys

Bright Pattern’s contact centre solution and customer support software can be tailored for any industry. Whether you need customer service solutions, help desk solutions, or sales and outbound dialing solutions, Bright Pattern’s platform can be tailored to the use case that your industry needs. Bright Pattern’s service cloud platform as well as CTI solution allows you to bring the telco provider of your choice, giving your contact centre large amounts of flexibility.


Bright Pattern’s drag-and-drop journey-building application, Scenario Builder, provides all the tools needed to create the customer journey that best fits your business strategy.

Business rules are easy to create, modify, and maintain. Incoming calls from priority customers can be offered a top-tier chat as soon as they log in for immediate assistance, or they can be routed to an agent who is familiar with their needs. Using best research business practices, customers can be routed for either email, text messaging, live chats, or phone calls based on previous user history or preferred contact method.


Use the Bright Pattern Hubspot call centre integration to develop the business and communication strategy that best fits your organization. Access Hubspot data within the Hubspot service hub to make outbound calls, send SMS notifications, or deliver premium customer service to your most-valued customers. You decide the strategy and channel and Bright Pattern will ensure that your customers receive a personal and successful interaction experience.

Omnichannel Quality Management

By having a Hubspot call centre, your contact centre supervisors and call centre management can get a complete view of the customer journey and improve contact centre KPIs. Ensure that your contact centre and customer service management software is providing excellent customer service on any channel, whether it is through the phone system, email, text messaging, outgoing calls, mobile app, web chat, and more. Bright Pattern’s contact centre solution provides omnichannel quality management, meaning Bright Pattern’s platform provides supervisors real-time insight into what is going on in your contact centre.

By having a Hubspot integration, your supervisors can get access to important information, like interaction histories, call logs, voice transcription, and more. With CRM data, like the help of voice transcription, sentiment analysis, and more, your supervisors can better train agents and motivate them with the correct information, leading to faster case resolution. Bright Pattern’s Omni QM technology can help improve the performance of any team, whether you want to improve the performance of your sales team, marketing team, service agents, or sales reps.

How Is HubSpot Different From Salesforce or RingCentral?

There are a couple of significant differences between HubSpot and Salesforce or RingCentral.

Salesforce is a complex CRM software that provides advanced tools that are superior to nearly any other brand.

However, the only negative of this complexity is that it comes with a very high pricing and an extensively long learning curve.

On the other hand, HubSpot focuses on beginners and being user-friendly. Plus, it has lower operational costs as pricing is more budget-friendly, and most features are free.

Platforms such as Salesforce and RingCentral are more customizable, with a diverse app store and API interface. But, these software are built for more intricate businesses. 

HubSpot excels at being out of the box and dramatically boosting overall sales and marketing success, as integration for HubSpot is simple.

Creating a HubSpot account is more accessible, fun, and beneficial than complex platforms.

Contact centre integration for HubSpot and HubSpot call centre integration will directly correlate with more sales and happier customers.

What Is HubSpot Phone Integration?

HubSpot phone integrations work seamlessly with VoIP software.

HubSpot VoIP software can call HubSpot contacts directly from their contact record in the HubSpot CRM.As a user, you will always fully grasp their goals, activities, and past interactions. 

What Are Some Benefits of HubSpot VoIP?

  • Less Time Spent Calling
  • More Time Spent Connecting
  • Automatically Log Calls & Make Calls Directly On CRM Records
  • Entire Team Has Access To Customer Conversations

Can HubSpot Integrate With Third-Party VoIP Software Aircall or CallRail?


HubSpot integrates with Aircall and CallRail.

Aircall is a phone system and communication platform primarily focusing on sales and support teams. Aircall helps teams all around the world achieve their business goals. 

CallRail is a software platform that helps companies determine the specific marketing channels leading to more calls and sales. 

To find out which third-party VoIP software works with HubSpot, check out the HubSpot App Marketplace.

Aircall and other business phone systems integrate with HubSpot to provide a seamless CX and generate greater leads and sales for your business.

Can HubSpot Track Phone Calls?

Yes, it can. 

HubSpot call tracking automatically creates call logs for every single call to your personal CRM database.

This information allows managers and supervisors to effectively coach sales reps or agents with legitimate transcriptions, keyword searches, and call analysis.

Implementing a HubSpot phone system with tracking is essential. Calling from HubSpot lets you make calls directly from the HubSpot mobile app

Meaning, your diverse group of team members is always learning and improving. 

Can HubSpot Integrate With Microsoft Teams?


As a user, you can connect your Microsoft Teams account to HubSpot to send your contacts Microsoft Teams meeting links and receive HubSpot notifications within Teams. 

Teams is integrated with MS Dynamics.

Microsoft Teams integration is fully compatible with HubSpot.

How Do You Write A Follow-Up Email With HubSpot?



1. Determine The Objective

Find out WHY you want to send your email

2. Open With Context

Get to the point, quickly to remind your reader

3. Clearly State Your Purpose & Intentions

Give ALL the details for 100% understanding

4. Create A Subject Line

Make an accurate subject line on the topic

5. Send Your Follow-Up Email

Send over the follow-up email

How Does HubSpot Benefit The Customer Experience?

Yes, HubSpot can dramatically transform the CX of your business.

HubSpot works: United States, United Kingdom, Europe, LATAM.

It has full country coverage across these regions, so nearly any organization worldwide can benefit from the tools and services HubSpot provides.

It is an official channel partner for those who want to partner with HubSpot.

HubSpot has its onboarding portal to transform your sales, marketing, customer service, and content development needs.

Additional Bright Pattern Features

Powerful Integrations


Frequently Asked Questions


Call centres use CRM data.

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management.

A call centre will incorporate a CRM to save, review, and analyze customer data and experiences to provide a more personalized and customized experience.

A call centre solution for managing customer interactions is a CRM. 

Call centre software integration is essential for any business as it provides an outlet for inbound calls while implementing a CRM will ensure that customer satisfaction is optimized. 

Call logging is the collecting, reviewing, and reporting of any technical issues or statistical data about a phone call

Phone numbers and phone calls are always recorded and documented using this software. 

However, it doesn’t perform call recording.

VoIP refers to Voice Over Internet Protocol.

It is a telephony phone system that allows you to make voice calls with an Internet connection instead of a standard (analog) phone line. 

Voicemail refers to a central location where phone calls are stored and saved electronically. 

Everyone with a phone has access to a voicemail system. 

IVR refers to Interactive Voice Response.

IVR is a type of self-service that allows your customers to dictate where they want to go on their journey based on a touch-tone keypad or voice recognition response system that mimics human language using artificial intelligence, or AI, speech recognition software. 

IVR uses conversational intelligence to communicate with customers and direct them on their journey using prompts. 

The true benefit of IVR systems is that if it cannot solve a customer’s question, it will route the customer to a knowledgeable and qualified agent. Plus, it can effortlessly handle incoming calls or inbound calls and high-volume calls easily. 

IVR can create a transcription of audio content, which is transferred over to the cloud, a database, or a customer’s email. 

Several call features when implementing IVR, include: faster first contact resolution (FCR), faster routing, and increased CX.

IVR systems for a call centre improve overall customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and dramatically improve agent productivity. 

Omnichannel contact centre software allows your contact centres to provide an easy, fluid, and seamless journey for every single customer, regardless of the channel they are communicating with.

These channels, whether standard or digital, can all be used by the customer while keeping the context of the conversation the same throughout the entire customer journey, even after routing

There are a variety of channels: voice, email, web chat, video chat, chatbots, social media, SMS, text messages, and chat apps (Skype, LINE, Facebook). 

Currently, customers want to communicate with as many unique channels as possible. In older times, the main form of communication was through voice (call). Now, customers can send a simple text message or SMS and be in-touch with a live agent. 

With the help of this software, sales reps and agents will be able to keep track of the context of the conversation, if it changes to a different channel. 

In fact, with Bright Pattern Mobile, you can connect ANY employee in the organization to a customer in real-time anywhere in the world. Similar to a standard mobile app on iOS or Android, it can be accessed easily on any mobile device. 

Plus, you can incorporate dialer software, such as a power dialer or auto dialer, to speed up your outbound call volume. 

The customer story is the most important and will always retain the ultimate level of personalization and full context. Bright Pattern is the perfect technology partner for sales and customer service and works as a legitimate quality management solution

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