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Bright Pattern‘s contact centresoftware and salesforce call centre can provide a great customer experience through integrations with a customer relationship management, or CRM, system. Combine Bright Pattern’ contact centre solution with the power of a CRM platform and customer service management software to allow your contact centre agents to get CRM data at their fingertips so they can have contextual conversations with the customer. Provide a better customer experience and improve customer service metrics with a Salesforce call centre integration.

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Why Clients Choose Bright Pattern

A true Omnichannel solution

The Bright Pattern solution provides the flexibility to switch between communication channels—from voice calls and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger to SMS/MMS, video, and more—while retaining context (by delivering relevant data from Dynamics 365) for a personalized customer experience.

AI and Bot Enabled

Bright Pattern also integrates with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and bot solutions to give agents and customers enhanced automation to speed time to resolution and improve the customer experience. Bright Pattern works with AI-powered bots of third-party vendors, including Microsoft.

Cloud based customer experience

As the only cloud customer experience platform that runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud, Bright Pattern shares Microsoft’s strategic vision for a mobile world of customer engagement with the strongest mobile capabilities, including in-app messaging (e.g., chat, video chat, document sharing, etc.), messenger channel support, and SMS/text messaging.

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Omnichannel Capabilities with CRM Solutions

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel call centre software allows knowledgeable reps and call centre agents to provide great customer service over any channel. Combine the Salesforce CRM’s core functionality and CRM platform with omnichannel capabilities to provide excellent customer service.

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel capabilities within the contact centre solution allows agents to connect with customers on a variety of different channels. Your call centre can interact with customers through channels like voice, SMS, text, messenger apps, email, video, and more. All of these interactions can be stored in the Salesforce CRM solutions. This means that your agents within your Salesforce contact centre can access complete customer interaction histories over any channel, allowing them to work with contextual conversations and gain new insights during customer interactions, leading to an efficient service experience and seamless customer experience.

Bright Pattern’s salesforce call centre and contact centre solution also allows call centres to customize workflows and lead customers through different CRM channels. By customizing workflows and utilizing workflow automation, your customers can be led to the right agent on the channels that they want to connect on, leading to excellent customer service.

Agent Empowerment

Call centre agents utilizing Bright Pattern’s contact centre solution with Salesforce CRM integration will have a more seamless experience with the types of customer service tools that Bright Pattern’s contact centre software provides. By integrating a CRM’s core functionality with call productivity tools within the Bright Pattern platform, your agents can provide excellent customer service on any channel and improve various call centre metrics, like average handle times and faster case resolution. Agents can direct customers to the right knowledge articles and get a full view of prior customer conversations. They can also record customer data within Salefsorce within Bright Pattern’s cloud-native solution. Allow agents to provide an exceptional level of customer satisfaction with Bright Pattern’s integration with Salesforce products and the Salesforce CRM’s core functionality.

True Omnichannel Routing

Bright Pattern and integrate with Salesforce to create a Salesforce call centre solution that offers powerful omnichannel routing to all channels, rather than a multichannel approach that lacks context and personalization.

Many call centre solutions still rely on bolted-on channels and technologies, meaning that many companies still have multichannel “siloed environments,” or separate touch points, resulting in friction for the customer journey.

Bright Pattern’s advanced omnichannel call centre solution allows companies to deliver a rich and personal solution for contact centres that can be easily implemented. With all communication channels for agents and customers included natively, there are no disparate systems to worry about, and attention can be focused solely on the customer and productive agents.

Furthermore, Bright Pattern omnichannel routing technology allows you to create communication workflows based on the information contained in the Salesforce call centre solution. You can route inbound calls and contacts based on almost any information contained in Salesforce, including the value of the customer, the last agent that serviced the client, skill levels, and more.

Customizable Journeys

Bright Pattern’s contact centre solution and customer support software can be tailored for any industry. Whether you need customer service solutions, help desk solutions, or sales and outbound dialing solutions, Bright Pattern’s platform can be tailored to the use case that your industry needs. Bright Pattern’s service cloud platform as well as CTI solution allows you to bring the telco provider of your choice, giving your contact centre large amounts of flexibility.


Bright Pattern’s drag-and-drop journey-building application, Scenario Builder, provides all the tools needed to create the customer journey that best fits your business strategy.

Business rules are easy to create, modify, and maintain. Incoming calls from priority customers can be offered a top-tier chat as soon as they log in for immediate assistance, or they can be routed to an agent who is familiar with their needs. Using best research business practices, customers can be routed for either email, text messaging, live chats, or phone calls based on previous user history or preferred contact method.


Use the Bright Pattern Salesforce call centre integration to develop the business and communication strategy that best fits your organization. Access Salesforce data to make outbound calls, send SMS notifications, or deliver premium customer service to your most-valued customers. You decide the strategy and channel and Bright Pattern will ensure that your customers receive a personal and successful interaction experience.

Omnichannel Quality Management

By having a Salesforce call centre, your contact centre supervisors and call centre management can get a complete view of the customer journey and improve contact centre KPIs. Ensure that your Salesforce contact centre and customer service management software is providing excellent customer service on any channel. Bright Pattern’s contact centre solution provides omnichannel quality management, meaning Bright Pattern’s platform provides supervisors real-time insight into what is going on in your contact centre.

By having a Salesforce integration, your supervisors can get access to important information, like interaction histories, call logs, voice transcription, and more. With CRM data, like the help of voice transcription, sentiment analysis, and more, your supervisors can better train agents and motivate them with the correct information, leading to faster case resolution.

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