Bright Pattern Mobile for Omnichannel Communication and Collaboration

What is Bright Pattern Mobile?

Bright Pattern Mobile is a mobile app that puts the power of Bright Pattern’s Omnichannel Agent Desktop into your mobile device to help your business adapt to an increasingly mobile digital workforce. Available on both iOS and Android, Bright Pattern Mobile allows employees within the entire company, not just the contact centre, to utilize the Bright Pattern platform on their mobile device to interact with customers and with other employees in the company. With the rise of the remote workforce and the increasingly rapid adoption of digital channels, Bright Pattern Mobile will allow employees anywhere in the company to connect with customers and their peers.

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Call Centre Mobile App Benefits

One of the primary benefits of Bright Pattern’s contact centre mobile app is its flexibility and it’s ability to connect the whole company to the customer experience. Bright Pattern Mobile gives your agents and employees the right tools to address customer inquiries and concerns from any location. Our mobile app turns a smartphone into a resource that allows agents to receive and make calls from their devices. 

Several of the primary benefits include:

  • Accessibility to company resources: Any employee in the company can connect with customers or prospects
  • Customer data availability: Bright Pattern Mobile gives your agents access to the same cloud-based information as your company network, allowing them to view order histories and other interactions from their mobile devices.
  • Increased productivity and performance: When agents are more comfortable with their equipment and work settings, they focus less on distractions and more on the activities that benefit your company.
  • Ability to use anywhere: Your agents can access company resources, make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls from anywhere, whether they’re in the office, at home or on the road.

Performance tracking: Because Bright Pattern Mobile can interlink with every department, managers can track performance metrics in settings unavailable in most traditional customer service platforms.

Bright Pattern Contact Centre Mobile App Key Features:

Bright Pattern Mobile enables agents to connect with customers over channels like Short Message Service (SMS) and voice, giving your employees various options to communicate at their and the customer’s convenience. Among the app’s key features are:

  • Increasing mobility for your business
  • Access to contacts through contacts list and recents through activity history
  • Real-time status and availability of coworkers
  • Routing of client interactions to assigned representatives
  • Reporting of Key Performance Indicators and unified reporting from dashboard
Bright Pattern Mobile UI on iPhone

Optimize Business Processes and Workforce Productivity

Bright Pattern Mobile removes organizational barriers between organizations across the enterprise that may have prevented easy customer access to the best resource in the company. Bright Pattern Mobile eliminates inefficiencies caused by departments operating individually and not as a team when communicating with customers, allowing your business to optimize business processes and workforce productivity.

With Bright Pattern Mobile, your business can bring all organizational knowledge together to help in every customer interaction, allow for great productivity gains and improvements in cross-departmental cooperation, implement new processes, and have a holistic approach to customer service that has never been possible before.

Bring in Expertise from Outside the Contact Centre to Improve CX

Contact centres are often siloed organizations separate from other organizations within the company that can assist in improving the CX experience, and many experts within the company are unable to be connected to customers.

Bright Pattern Mobile puts omnichannel voice and digital communication capabilities in the hands of any employee, allowing them to directly connect with customers and subject matter experts. Bright Pattern Mobile can supplement contact centres with the best resources anywhere in the company, leading to a better customer experience as well as more cooperation within your organization.

Track CX Performance Throughout Your Entire Company

Bright Pattern Mobile allows digital and voice interactions to be tracked by supervisors. Because Bright Pattern Mobile can be used by any department within a business, departments are able to track employee performance with Bright Pattern Mobile.

Enable your business to track team performance in different settings, like brick-and-mortar stores, during customer interactions that might not have been possible on legacy customer interaction platforms.

Unified Agent Desktop

Our omnichannel contact centre solution gives your organization the ability to seamlessly communicate with clients throughout their entire customer journey.

Omnichannel Quality Management

Ensure consistently excellent customer experiences and optimize call centre performance with AI-powered OmniQM.

CRM Integration

Track the customer journey with your business on any channel. Integrations with all CRM providers or your own system of records.

How Bright Pattern Mobile Can Help Your Company?

Easy Access to Subject Matter Experts

A customer calling, texting, chatting, and messaging a company can now be connected to the best subject matter expert anywhere in the company, inside or outside the contact centre.

Quick Media and Document Sharing

Employees on their iPhone or Android device can talk or use digital channels with customers and share photos, documents, and videos with Bright Pattern Mobile.

Directly Connect with In-Store Associates

A customer reaching out to a retailer can be connected directly to in-store associates who are experts on a particular product.

Status of Delivery

A customer calling to check on the status of a package delivery can be connected directly to the delivery driver.

Connect with Specialists Anytime, Anywhere

Customers texting in with certain questions can be connected with a specialist, even if this specialist is outside the contact centre or if it’s after hours.

Track Bright Pattern Mobile Performance

Supervisors can track performance of employees on Bright Pattern Mobile through Bright Pattern’s wallboards, and be able to differentiate the different channels.

See What the Mobile App Can Do For You

Bright Pattern Mobile is an ideal solution for cloud-based call centres that require a flexible omnichannel solution to enhance communication with customers and agents away from the office. It connects your entire business, allowing multiple departments to work together and improve efficiency. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how Bright Pattern Mobile can benefit your operation.

The Power of Bright Pattern on Your Phone

Bright Pattern Mobile is perfect for a wide range of industries and brings the powerful Bright Pattern omnichannel agent desktop to your mobile device. Get access to powerful features and connect all employees across departments together for one seamless customer journey.

Omnichannel Communications Throughout Your Company

With Bright Pattern Mobile, extend omnichannel communication capabilities throughout your company. Bright Pattern Mobile supports multiple digital channels, like voice, SMS, text messaging, and more. Allow any employee in the company to connect with customers and each other on multiple channels.

Faster, Easier Customer Experience

With Bright Pattern Mobile, any employee can be part of the customer journey, making the customer experience faster and easier. With omnichannel routing to subject matter experts or departments on the mobile app, get the customer to the right resource faster.

Connect Customers Directly to Subject Matter Experts

The mobile app allows any employee in the company to join the conversation. Customers can be directly connected to any employee or any department for fast, easy service.

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Additional Bright Pattern Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Omnichannel cloud contact centre, channel service, and omnichannel call centre are common terms in the contact centre industry, especially among contact centre leaders. But what is true omnichannel, and what should a true omnichannel cloud contact centre be capable of?

Omnichannel cloud contact centres should be capable of utilizing a number of channels and touchpoints to provide CX over, including digital communication like chatbot, webchat, mobile apps, social media platforms, and messengers like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp alongside traditional channels like voice interaction, email, and texting. The key difference between omnichannel and multichannel is the ability to switch between channels while keeping the customer’s perspective intact. With true omnichannel, your omnichannel call centre can provide remarkable customer experiences on a lot more channels than traditional call centre solutions. For example, a customer that connects through a channel of their preference, such as a voice interaction. When their channel of preference changes, this conversation can be switched to social media platforms, messengers, webchat, and many more. The live agent is able to follow the entire customer service interaction from a single interface, allowing them to closely follow customer needs. Customer service agents and live agents will have an easier time with customer engagement through omnichannel service, allowing them to deliver CX effectively, keep up with customers on all touchpoints, and provide a great experience. 

Omnichannel communication is the next level from multichannel communication, and many contact centre leaders are looking for an effective solution to prevent silos and unify all service channels in their omnichannel cloud contact centre.

Bright Pattern is a cloud vendor that provides call centre tools over the cloud. This means your call centre can get custom integrations, extensions, a business phone system, a CRM system, and advanced call centre tools all through a web browser. Bright Pattern’s platform is the best call centre solution for easy access to the most advanced call centre capabilities. Best of all, compared to premise call centre software, all of these features can be implemented in less time. With a premise call centre software and legacy cloud systems, updates can take a lot of time to configure. Reliability can also be questionable on a premise platform. 

Bright Pattern’s cloud platform can be implemented quickly, allowing you to provide advanced phone support, open outbound call centres, run telemarketing campaigns, or run sales calls quickly. in today’s digital world. 

Give the right person a custom experience with your phone support, all on a single dashboard and single interface.

Bright Pattern’s call centre solution integrates with any CRM solution. Bright Pattern integrates with all third-party CRMs, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Service Cloud, and more, and integrates with your native CRM system. Allow your virtual call centre to perform lead management with ease, putting customer information right at your agent’s fingertips on the cloud platforms. Information like phone numbers, addresses, and personal information is securely stored and plays a crucial role for agents during customer interactions. Whether they’re on a laptop or on a desktop with a headset, agents can utilize integrated CRM solutions with a robust ticketing system and automatic ticket creation within the virtual call centre software for better customer experience. 

On Bright Pattern’s cloud call center solution, data centres are utilized to securely store data, meaning strong and effective disaster recovery and data protection for a secure overall cloud contact centre. Bright Pattern’s cloud contact centre platform and software solution let’s agents in your virtual call center effortless lead customers and callers through the CX journey.

OmniQM is Bright Pattern’s quality management system that monitors all agent interactions. Bright Pattern’s platform is omnichannel, meaning it supports all voice and digital channels like phone calls, emails, texts, SMS, and messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. With an omnichannel platform, these omnichannel capabilities extend into the quality management system. Allow supervisors to gain insight into their contact centre, and increase gamification of the contact centre.

With Bright Pattern’s real-time dashboards, get supervisors insight into the agent experience and the performance of various teams, like your remote workforce, sales team, support team, and others. Bright Pattern is a great option to help supervisors get extensive research into their contact centre operations. Ensure that idle time is low, average call duration is reasonable, call volume is being handled, hold time is low, agent uptime is high, and the efficiency of your agents is high. Tailor the dashboards with the methodology that your contact centre uses to rate performance. With real-time dashboards and monitoring, your supervisors can even intervene at the right time when an interaction is rated as low, allowing them to make quick decisions at the right time on the spot. Previous interactions, customer’s history, and call scripts with the caller are saved for agent training.

Bright Pattern’s sophisticated interactive voice response system (IVR) can be customized with specific workflows and greetings to match any use cases and queries that are requested of it. Callers want self-service that is effortless and easy-to-use without needing to use a dialpad. With an easy-to-use IVR system, your contact centre can operate outside business hours and active user hours, lead management is simpler, simpler queries can be answered quickly, make fewer calls repetitive, custom greetings can be set, and long queues can be shortened all through automation.

With the Bright Pattern IVR system, you can lead the customer through basic functionality as if they were speaking to a live agent through the auto attendant extension. Utilizing sentiment and text analytics, customers can speak with the auto attendant to get simple queries answered rather than use the dialpad, thereby shortening call queues and preventing the phone system from facing long queues. Callers can leverage their natural voice to speak with the auto attendant, personalizing the interaction. If the self-service is not sufficient, the system can perform routing and call routing to the right agent. With effective call distribution and intelligent routing, phone systems can reduce queues and customers can be helped more quickly, whether it’s through self-service or through intelligent routing to the right agent.

With Bright Pattern’s customizable call centre systems and IVR system, callers can be led through effortless self-service, powered by natural language processing, AI, and machine learning. Call transfers are a breeze, allowing the customer to get seamless phone support. Utilize technology like AI and machine learning to send customers with queries through an effortless virtual call centre with an auto attendant. Set greetings and specific journey flows, allowing customers to get self-service in real time. Bright Pattern’s IVR business system and call centre systems can also perform call routing with the auto-attendant when the caller wants to speak with a live agent. Leverage a combination of AI, machine learning, call routing with the phone system, and a powerful cloud contact center platform to beat the competitors in self-service. Get live prospects through the CX journey faster, reduce hold time, and leverage virtual call centre software for an effortless customer experience with an auto-attendant.

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