Just in Case

Our Agent Desktop application stores all information about a contact’s activity in a case, which agents can search and review at any time. Cases keep agents informed and organized, because they include the history of all communications with all related parties, irrespective of channel, in a single place.

Instantly Created, Always Updated

Every new email automatically triggers the creation of a case. As contacts continue to interact with your call center, all of their activity history (email messages, recorded calls, notes, dispositions, etc.) is placed inside of their respective cases. Think of a case as a virtual folder that you can review and append whenever you want, whether that’s before you accept a call, during a chat, or in the middle of a campaign.

Review Cases

Over time, some cases might accumulate many email messages and notes. Our search and sorting tools help you find exactly what you need. On the Agent Desktop, you can sort cases according to the time the case was created, when it was last updated, the service level agreement (SLA) age, the contact’s name, service, and priority.


  • All email messages, updates, and notes for a contact conveniently stored in a single view
  • Cases include information about every channel associated with them
  • Automatic creation of cases
  • Convenient sort/filter/search options
  • Real-time updates keep cases current

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