Ready-to-Go Replies

Knowledge Base is a repository of articles, predefined/approved text, and templates that agents and supervisors can copy and paste into email and chat communications. When drafting emails and replying to chat, messenger, and SMS/text messages, agents can search the Agent Desktop Knowledge Base to find and send the perfect answers to their customer’s frequent questions.

Search, Copy, and Paste

The ability to search by keyword or phrase helps agents find answers faster. Agents can search Knowledge Base for any word or combination of words, and then select prefab text to use in a reply. Ease of use helps agents improve response times and provide consistent replies that fit in with their contact center’s brand.

Share Your Knowledge

Users who have the privilege to edit Knowledge Base may modify article text, create new text, and upload files for other users to access. Conveniently, such users can contribute to Knowledge Base directly from their Agent Desktops, sharing helpful information globally with teams in their contact center. Supervisors may contribute their knowledge as well, providing training articles and information to agents on their teams.


  • Built-in collection of articles, message templates, and predefined/approved text
  • Full-text search using keywords, phrases, and frequently used words
  • Agents provide quick, consistent replies
  • Privileged users can edit Knowledge Base text and upload files
  • Knowledge Base delivers approved text for customer inquiries

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