Screen Sharing

During a chat conversation initiated on your contact center’s website, customers can share their screens with agents, allowing agents to follow the customer’s scrolling movements and clicks. Cobrowsing functionality helps agents to provide better assistance to customers because they can see exactly what the customer is talking about. Agents can view forms, webpage elements, photos, files—anything present on the customer’s screen—and explain what the customer should do.

Customer-Controlled Cobrowsing

Cobrowsing is initiated during the chat by the customer, not the agent when the customer clicks the cobrowsing button. Screen sharing ends when either the customer clicks “Stop” or when the chat is terminated. The customer has complete control over what is shown on the screen, and the agent has viewing privileges only.

Easy to Configure

Cobrowsing is configured in the HTML code of the chat application that customers will use to access your contact center. To configure cobrowsing for web chats, you must have system access to either your contact center tenant’s HTML snippet code and/or your organization’s website.


  • Customer-Controlled screen sharing capabilities
  • Agents can view the customer’s scrolling movements and clicks
  • Visual aid for agents to provide hands-on assistance during a chat
  • Customers initiate and end cobrowsing sessions
  • Simple configuration via HTML

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