Case History

Our contact center solution stores email messages and interaction activity in cases that are associated with every contact that interacts with your agents. Having all your contacts’ messages and history in one place on the unified Agent Desktop helps your agents to both complete their interactions and save them for later. Using our convenient follow-up tools, agents can easily flag emails that they have already replied to and save them for future handling.

Stay Connected to Customers

Revisit past conversations at any time and pick up where you left off by directing follow-up calls or emails to customers. These follow-ups keep your contact center connected to customers even after the interaction is over, even if they choose not to respond. The ability to flag cases for follow-up also helps keep your customers in the loop regarding problem resolution or updates of new developments.

Schedule Time to Follow Up

If agents have the privilege to use the Agent Desktop calendar, agents can schedule specific times to send follow-ups. In our intuitive GUI, agents simply flag an email and set the follow-up details and reminders to their calendars. Such scheduling tools keep agents organized and accountable for all the cases they handle.


  • Easily follow-up on cases, emails, and past interactions
  • Email customers with updates, news, reminders, and more
  • Schedule follow-ups on the Agent Desktop calendar
  • Flag emails for follow-up

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