Team and Personal Queues

Two methods of email distribution give teams tailored control over who handles which email message. The push method automatically pushes emails to users, whereas the pull method puts emails into a collective pool for users to pick, choose, and pull. Using the email service queue, email messages can be either pushed to “ready” agents or placed into a shared queue for assigned agents to pull.

Grab Emails for Handling

In our omnichannel contact center solution, email messages are handled in the unified Agent Desktop application, where agents work on email cases from internal and external contacts. Agents can “grab” any email from the team/service queue and place it into their personal queue for interaction handling. Once in the personal queue, email replies can be drafted and sent.

Redirect Emails to the Team

Should an email message make its way to an agent’s personal queue, where it should not be, the agent can easily push it back to the team queue or another service queue for appropriate handling.


  • Push and pull distribution methods ensure emails reach the correct agents
  • Email messages are either pushed to ready agents or pulled from the team queue
  • Agents can redirect emails back to the service queue
  • Emails from internal and external contacts are handled on the agent Desktop

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