Bright Pattern’s omnichannel cloud call center software integrates with Zendesk to help you to manage increasing contact volume, provide better service to your customers, and increase agent productivity and performance. It’s everything you need to implement a model Zendesk call center.

Zendesk incoming calls

Scenarios and IVR technology provide:

  • Database access to Bright Pattern and Zendesk systems
  • Zendesk search, identification, and screen pop functionality
  • Web service access
  • Web application “screen pop” functionality on the user side, driven by URL query string parameters
  • Skills-based omnichannel routing of chat and voice interactions
  • Priority and media precedence
  • Multiple interaction handling per agent
  • Priority overrides
  • Chatbot API integrations
  • Bot integrations powered by IBM Watson
  • Omnichannel recording, transcripts, and quality management
  • Accurate tracking of agent’s time
  • All interactions and activities saved automatically to activity history
  • Agent performance reports

Agent Desktop integration offers:

  • Single sign-on for quick login to Bright Pattern and Zendesk
  • Unified omnichannel user interface with voice, chat, email, video, and messenger
  • Built-in softphone plus external device selection for taking calls
  • Click-to-call and call control (hold, transfer, conference)
  • Directory access for internal and external contacts
  • Blended voice and chat for handling simultaneous interactions
  • Canned responses, emojis, file sharing, and location sharing in chats
  • Tickets, cases, and call recordings saved in Activity History
  • Zendesk database access
  • Screen pop of Zendesk data, webpages, and contact cards to agent’s screen
  • Built-in Knowledge Base with informational articles and templates
  • Real-time stats and updates via wallboard displays
  • Supervisor multichannel monitoring and grading tools

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