More Than Just a Directory

From one central location on the Agent Desktop, view all the history of everything that’s ever happened between your contacts and your contact center. Starting at the Agent Desktop Contacts tab, select or search for a person—by name, email address, phone number, case number, etc.—and view details, activities, cases, and pending items. Activity history is saved for both internal and external contacts.

Take Note

Agents and supervisors quickly glean detailed information about customers, such as the time of the last interaction, transcripts, and notes from agents who handled them. Notes are exceptionally useful for agents, as they divulge important details that agents would not normally know by viewing a contact card alone. Agents can, for example, enter notes about a contact’s nickname, other phone numbers to use, reasons for following up, and so forth.

Recordings and Transcripts

Call recordings and chat transcripts are saved to activity history as well, providing further context into past conversations and ticket resolution. Call recordings are placed directly in activity history; simply click to listen to or download a WAV audio file. Chat transcripts are shown in the activity history pane, which you can read by scrolling up or down within Agent Desktop.


  • Activity history includes details about contacts, interactions, cases, and more
  • All channels of conversations included in activity history
  • View and append notes to contacts and cases
  • Listen to and download call recordings
  • View chat transcripts with timestamps

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