Jump from Voice to Chat and Back Again

Conversations between agents and customers are held on any channel or combination of channels, such as voice calls, chats, or SMS/text interactions. For example, a customer can place a call, request to switch to a mobile or web chat, and then switch back to the phone. The customer still connects to the same agent, and the conversation continues.

Web Callback

Visitors to your website will typically connect to agents via rich web chat, email, or the phone. Once connected to an agent via chat, for example, customers can request to be called back on the phone—without interrupting the chat. This continuity helps customers carry on a conversation from any device or medium, no matter where they are.

Connecting the Dots

All interaction details from all channels are saved in one place. Every time an interaction is started with a new person, details about the interaction or the person are saved in cases, contact details, and activity history, which agents can access and review at any time. Because all interactions are related to case or contact, our contact center solution puts conversations in context, helping agents track, search, and review conversations.


  • Agents talk to customers on any channel or combination of channels
  • Easily switch between voice, chat, text, and email
  • Request callbacks during chats without losing the chat
  • Call on the phone, and then switch to a mobile chat or SMS/text
  • Agents can view all interaction activities, from all channels, on the Agent Desktop

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