Keyword analysis is a practice that search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to identify specific words or phrases that people enter into search engines. Keywords influence web searches, marketing campaigns, performance metrics, and more. For contact centers, the reach of keyword analysis can extend beyond SEO for websites, directly to a contact center’s interactions with customers. Analyzing keywords in voice calls, chats, emails, and SMS/text messages can lead to valuable insights into agent performance, customer satisfaction, and more, which can help improve the way contact centers communicate with people.

Keyword analysis offers:

  • Insight into the customer experience, business trends, and agent performance
  • Actionable data for agent improvement and training
  • Data that can improve the level of engagement between the agent and customer
  • Valuable information regarding contact center quality

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center software helps simplify omnichannel customer service for customers, agents, and contact center managers. Our cloud contact center solutions provide effective multichannel communications, CRM integrations, cloud APIs, and tools for quality management.

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