Working with Integration Accounts

Integration with popular customer relationship management (CRM) software (e.g., Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Zendesk) provides direct access to the contacts, interaction histories, and other information in your CRM’s database. If a contact is present in a linked CRM, the local contact is created automatically and linked to the source.

CRM Database Access

Using our innovative scenario workflows, contact cards from integration CRMs are auto-populated with data (e.g.,  name, address, phone, and so forth). Our contact center solution enables agents to both view that data and append it with new contact details and notes, as they are received from customers during interactions. Agents can, for example, update addresses and enter notes both during active conversations and after.

Safekeeping of Contacts

Contact data is saved in Bright Pattern and linked to the original CRM, ensuring that users know the source of the data. Edited contacts, however, are not pushed back to the CRM.


  • Use contact data from integrated CRMs
  • View, edit, and update contact details from the Agent Desktop
  • See the original source of contacts
  • Scenarios automate the retrieval of data from integration accounts

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