The Smarter Way to Collect Data

Bright Pattern and data providers such as The Data Group and NextCaller work together to fill in the blanks on your contact cards. Using data augmentation, your existing contacts are identified and matched with additional data already freely available on the web (e.g., phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, Facebook profile URLs, etc.). Through our integration with data providers, our contact center solution is able to offer such supplementary data to agents, directly on the Agent Desktop.

Update Records Expeditiously

By pre-populating new contact data and appending existing contact data, augmentation expedites the process of updating records. Instead of collecting information from customers, agents can instead augment their customers’ records with new information from data providers, and ask the customers to confirm that the information is correct. Augmenting a contact card involves just a few clicks: Edit, Augment, and OK.

Type Less, Talk More

Implemented in the Agent Desktop application’s Contacts section, augmentation is useful for anyone who handles interactions and talks to people regularly. Augmentation saves time for agents, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their customers’ needs. In addition, the information delivered by data providers is accurate and relevant, sparing customers the effort of having to explain new addresses or phone numbers.


  • Pre-populate new contact data with data from NextCaller and The Data Group
  • Augment existing contact data with information in the cloud
  • Automate the process of gathering contact details
  • Free up agents to focus more on other interaction details

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