Stay Connected to the Same Agent

Our contact center solution helps you achieve fewer dropped calls and fewer abandoned calls. We ensure that if a call is dropped, a redial will bring a customer back to the same agent who handled the call, and the customer avoids being routed through an IVR menu and starting the conversation all over again. Smart redialing keeps customers connected no matter what.

Develop a Customer Relationship

Because all interaction details across all channels are saved on the Agent Desktop, a customer can call and start a conversation by referring to a previous email. The agent can find and view the email in order to learn about such a customer’s previous interactions, and the customer does not need to explain past inquiries or issues.

Screen Pop Puts Customer Data in Context

When a conversation starts, screen pop functionality literally pops contact cards or customer-related data to the agent’s screen. With such data front and center, agents can quickly glean important details about a customer upon accepting a call, set dispositions, schedule follow-up activity, and write helpful notes in the customer’s records. This information helps agents to learn more about a customer and provide just as much helpful data to any other agent who may work with the customer in the future.


  • Dropped calls resume automatically with redial
  • Customers can connect to the last agent who helped them
  • Skip the IVR menu and directly dial the agent
  • Screen pop puts customer interactions in context
  • All customer contact details are saved

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