Conversation Starter

Proactive chat offers are web chat interactions initiated by your contact center from your website, which offer opportunities to call or chat with a live agent. We call them “proactive” because they allow your call center to take a proactive approach to interacting with any person browsing your website. Compare this approach to the typical one, in which a website guest must take the initiative and contact you first.

Branded Chat Widgets

Your chat offers are conveyed to users via chat widgets, which are completely customizable as part of Bright Pattern’s chat widget configuration. Using point-and-click configuration, you decide the purpose (e.g., the type of offer), contents (e.g., message, question, survey), buttons (e.g., text, URLs), and overall style (e.g., color, size, text.) of your organization’s chat widgets.

Conditional Offers

You can select different offers to be popped based on a condition or a combination of conditions. Proactive offer conditions are the requirements that must be met in order for the proactive offer chat to be launched. Such conditions include the time of day, whether the customer has visited the webpage before, and so forth. For example, if the condition “about to exit” is specified for the proactive offer chat widget, the chat will be launched to the customer only if mouse movements are detected and the customer is about to leave the page.


  • Reach out to website visitors proactively
  • Offer potential customers opportunities to chat with live agents
  • Define proactive chat offers that align with your brand
  • Customize the look of chat widgets
  • Select conditions to be met for specific offers to be shown to customers

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