In-App Customer Support

Your customers can now request live in-app customer support from a contact center agent within the context of their mobile app, without having to begin a new call, go through the IVR, wait in a new queue, identify themselves, and explain why they are calling, which is typical of today’s contact centers.

In addition, to help requests, in-app customer service provides the customer the ability to reply to a notification and have a conversation in its context, thus avoiding a dead-end.


Easy In-app Support Contact

One click of a button on a web page or in the app replaces the need to look up and dial the phone number.

In-Context Customer Support

send your location
The information relevant to the routing and servicing of the request is passed along during the contact, with the customer’s permission. The information may include location within the application from where the request is coming from, geographic location, user profile information and other data. Aside from improving the routing, this eliminates the need for IVR and associated experience.

No Waiting on the Phone

Customers are alerted by their phone or the web page when the representative becomes available. There is no need to remain on hold, listen to music, and be afraid to miss an answer.

Rich Support Contact With Voice and Video

People these days don’t just call each other – everybody is used to texting and exchanging pictures and videos. A typical conversation may start as text and continue as voice.

Both customer and representatives today are comfortable with choosing whatever media they deem most appropriate for the occasion.

ServicePattern offers a way to upgrade and downgrade in-app or web page conversations at any time to voice and video and allows exchanging pictures and other files.

Exchanging pictures are invaluable for technical support as it is much easier to show something rather than describe it.

The same capability could be used to send documents without a fax machine

Eliminate Dead-Ends

Notifications are ubiquitous these days, they inform us about deliveries, purchases, possible fraud – the subjects are endless.

In most cases, though, there is no way to reply to a notification if you have further questions. Even notifications that expect a reply, only expect a certain set of predefined answers.

The concept of in-app customer service helps businesses to provide an easy escalation path to a live person from any notification.

Blended Interaction Distribution

Rich contact requests are blended with calls, e-mails and other media in our contact center solution.

Social Messaging Apps

Text and picture messaging with a business are available as part of our in-app customer service solution via social messaging apps such as WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, and SMS. Our WhatsApp integration also allows customers to send their location.

Omnichannel “IVR” Interaction Scenarios

IVR and other media are controlled by omnichannel scenarios that consist of user-friendly blocks, combined into flows using a drag-and-drop web-based UI.

The scenario blocks offer extensive functionality, including accessing web services, databases, and Salesforce CRM


Each transaction has a way to offer a simple survey to determine: if the issue was resolved, what impressions a representative has made and whether the customer would recommend the company to others.

The survey results are propagated to service, team and individual performance reports.

In-Context Reporting

All the context information captured at contact could be used to tag reporting data and provide reports based not only on calls, chats, messages and contacts but on cases, orders, inventory items and other business items.


The In-App customer service is implemented using an API for websites and mobile devices. We provide a free native library and example code for iOS, and Android; a REST API example is provided for website use.

Mobile apps could also be rapidly developed using, in which case we provide required functionality as a plugin.

Also available via mobile web pages and social messaging apps.

Make sure to review the complete functionality of Bright Pattern Hosted Contact Center Software.

In-app Customer Support with Bright Pattern

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