Facebook Messenger surpassed 1 billion monthly active users in November 2016 over a wide demographic range. At Bright Pattern we are proud to offer Facebook Messenger as part of our multichannel lineup.

Access to wider demographics and increased convenience

Facebook messenger helps businesses reach wider demographics and satisfy the desire for a more convenient communication channel. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report mentions interesting statistics on messengers:

  • 20x increase in text traffic for Hyatt who started offering Messenger in Nov 2015 
  • 65% increase in satisfaction, less than 65% complaints on Rogers, who started offering it Dec 2015
Facebook messenger screen

Reliable Identification

Contacts via Facebook Messenger come from authenticated Facebook users, using personal accounts. This helps us to offer 100% positive identification (and authentication) of all repeat contacts.

Channel Consistency

We offer Facebook Messenger as part of our multichannel lineup, where customers and agents may use any combination of channels during an interaction – voice, SMS, and email, to name a few.

At any time an agent may work on a number of multichannel conversations, distributed according to our omnichannel routing policy.

Agents also have access to service-specific Knowledge Base that helps them maintain consistent responses.

Agent training is improved using online monitoring, as well as transcript grading as part of our Multichannel Quality Management capability.

Facebook messenger screen

[df_list][df_list_item icon=”fa-bar-chart fa-2x”]Insights[/df_list_item][/df_list]

Our reports offer insights on patterns and volume of incoming traffic, as well as individual and team agent performance.

[df_list][df_list_item icon=”fa-puzzle-piece fa-2x”]Integrations[/df_list_item][/df_list]

Our omnichannel cloud contact center system is integrated with Salesforce.com, Zendesk and Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow).

Agents can spend time on more advanced requests instead of wasting time at frequent requests because common issues or questions can be automated using our scenario builder and integrations with back-end systems, or using more complex bots. A live example of this automation is the Sony Vaio Facebook Messenger that uses Bright Pattern and Reply.ai.

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At bright pattern, we believe that enabling Customer Service over Facebook is critical. It has some unique attributes but also requires simplicity to be turned on