You have to allocate an uninterrupted time of an unknown duration and find a private place if you have to make a call. The lack of integrated channels and the capability to interact with small portions of time, picking up and dropping off a conversation at any point, as we all used to in our personal lives, makes enterprises hard to deal with.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We help enterprises become as approachable as a friend or relative, perhaps even more so.

Contact us any way you feel like

Open a customer service web page from your desktop PC at home – it features a choice contact options: chat, SMS, phone call or send an email. You have to leave your PC, so you open the page on your mobile phone – it features the same set of options. You select SMS and send the first message.

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Light touch with us whenever

While waiting for a doctor, you decide to start a conversation with the customer service team of a new product you bought. You text them in the privacy of your favorite messenger, Facebook. They request details. Several hours later, back at home, you send a picture of the malfunctioning product over the messenger, as part of the same conversation, without ever repeating anything. You receive the resolution via email.

Speed up your chat with a call

You chat with a representative, but it takes longer than expected and now you have to drive to work. You call their phone number, get connected directly to the same person you were chatting with, and continue the conversation on your headset while driving. Once the conversation is completed, you receive the summary over SMS.

Forget dropped call woes

While driving and on a call, your connection drops. You tap redial and continue the conversation from the point you left it off, with the same agent.

Can’t call, no problem, we can still talk

You are abroad, the Wi-Fi is flaky and there’s no way to call long distance. You need to change your itinerary. You send a message to the company’s Facebook page (no need to remember phone numbers!) and request the change. To speed things up, you ask them to call you on a nearby landline. After a short discussion, you receive your modified itinerary over Facebook chat and email.

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Meet us in the future

You need to talk, but the only time you have to do so is while driving to work. You schedule a call for the time you will be in the car and get connected without a distraction of finding and dialing the phone number.

Customer service leaders, such as Amazon and Apple, are already doing most of the above. With Bright Pattern Contact Center, any company can enjoy the same level of ease of customer communication today.

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