Our customizable wallboards provide real-time metrics for all members of your team. Wallboard KPIs help keep agents, supervisors, and administrators on track and in sync with their contact center’s goals and milestones.

Customizable Data Displays

Customizable and editable, wallboards include only the data that you want to see. Supervisors and Managers can build wallboards to include relevant data, ensuring that they have instant access to metrics that are meaningful to them and their team. What’s more, agents can tailor their real-time displays by defining, sorting, filtering, and formatting their metrics.

Important data such as break time, dispositions, agendas, stats, and customer satisfaction are placed front and center on your Agent Desktop home screen. The grid-like display of data is scalable and conforms to the space on your Agent Desktop UI.

Wallboard screen

Build and Edit Your Own Wallboard

Wallboards are customized using our Wallboard Layout Editor. Cards and elements are dragged and dropped into place, and elements are easily removed or edited using the intuitive icon controls.

Personal and Global Views

Once you customize a wallboard, it becomes a personal wallboard that’s viewable only by you—unless you share it. Bright Pattern’s wallboards may be pushed globally and then pulled by any agent in your contact center. This push/pull system of wallboard sharing enables entire teams to be productive—together.

Wallboard contact center software

Ways to Use Wallboards

Wallboards make relevant data accessible in real-time. How might your contact center use them?

  • Watch wallboards for real-time stats and updates on agent and team performance.
  • Track single statistics, such as abandonment and queued interactions, at a glance.
  • Supervisors may set up a home wallboard for their teams.
  • Agents can switch their wallboards and use others as appropriate for their services.
  • Push wallboards to or pull them from global wallboards, tenant-wide.
  • Export and import favorite wallboard displays.

Bright Pattern’s innovative wallboards are intuitive and easy to use, putting important data right where agents, supervisors, and admins need to see it on their Agent Desktops.

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