Customer expectations of personalization and the ability to choose their preferred form of communication while conversing with enterprises have dramatically increased over the years. Bright Pattern’s vision is to provide the experience customers now demand and create a seamless omnichannel experience.

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When someone is talking about social networks today, they invariably mean Facebook and Twitter. While they are the most prominent, there is actually much more to social networks than these two. For business, Facebook and Twitter are good for marketing and promotion, while other social networks make more sense for private communication with a customer.

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Social messengers represent a rich communication tool that is very familiar to most people. Many people have one, two, or even several social messengers on their smartphones and use them regularly to talk to their friends and close ones.

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For users, we offer a close, simple, integration with the platform. It empowers your users to maintain a complete view of customer activity and to communicate with their customers the way that the customers choose to, such as phone or web chat

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Customers are first class citizens of any business. The communication with them is an opportunity for companies to put their best foot forward. Consequently, any issue during the communication may lead to customer dissatisfaction with the service, or even with the business as a whole.

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Increase dials per hour and Contact Rate (percentage of calls answered) while staying compliant, with our outbound dialing features with our contact center software.

A combination of true predictive, preview and IVR-only dialing modes maximizes utilization of agents’ productive time.

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In-App Customer Service

Customers can now request live assistance from a contact center agent within the context of their mobile app, without having to begin a new call, go through the IVR, wait in a new queue, identify themselves, and explain why they are calling, which is typical of today’s contact centers.


Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution For Enterprise

Handling more than one interaction of various media types, including multiple simultaneous communications between a representative and a customer is a breeze with Bright Pattern. Blended interaction distribution takes into account multiple skills, contact history, escalations and priority, irrespective of channel. Based on back-end data, interactions can also be distributed personally or re-prioritized.

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Bright Pattern™ Product Overview

Bright Pattern™ is the next generation, high-performance contact center solution in the cloud. It offers a fusion of voice, web, social media, and skills-based routing within a unified architecture and with convenient controls to provide efficient and effective customer service and support. Bright Pattern offers unique advantages for everyone who uses it or is served by it.

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Meeting customer service goals requires a delicate balance of delivering exceptional customer satisfaction while controlling costs and maintaining efficiency. We built Bright Pattern™ to help you reach—and exceed—your goals. Bright Pattern and our Scenario Builder visual interface support the development of powerful inbound contact center applications to meet any need.

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Outbound Contact Center Brochure

Your outbound calling campaigns need to be effective and efficient. Standalone or integrated with our other offerings, the Bright Pattern™ outbound voice solution can help you manage, automate, and organize your outbound dialing campaigns and resources. Use this powerful solution to reach more valuable prospects while you increase agent productivity and maintain consistently high contact quality.

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Contact Center Web Chat

Offer your customers the convenience of web chat. It can lower costs, improve customer satisfaction and significantly improve online revenues. Web chat enables effective multitasking, considerably reduces per-transaction costs, and your customers will enjoy faster initial response times. An integral part of your customer service platform, online web chat is a must-have engagement channel for today’s customers.

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Interactive Voice Response

Lower costs through customer self-service and simplify management with a powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, fully configurable with our Scenario Builder visual interface. Our powerful IVR solution seamlessly integrates with Salesforce ‘out-of-the-box.’

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