Telegram, the free messaging app, connects millions of users worldwide. At Bright Pattern, we are proud to be a part of that network, offering Telegram as part of our Multichannel Contact Center Software.

Why is Telegram Integration good for your business?

  • Rich messaging and interface options let you talk to your customers immediately and creatively, with text, photos, file attachments, and more.
  • Your brand can connect instantly with both individual users and large groups on a platform that people trust.
  • Customers can reach you the way they would reach out to any of their friends. Interactions look and feel as simple and native as their regular Telegram conversations.

Unlimited Connections

Telegram enables agents to connect with anyone, anywhere around the globe, using text messages, photos, location sharing, videos, and phone and video calls. Because Telegram is cloud-based, the app can be used on all your smartphones, tablets, and computers—at the same time. Your messages are synced across all your devices, making it easy to maintain a unified conversation history when you move from one device to the next.

Integration with Telegram means your contact center is always in reach of your customers, who interact with agents as they would with their friends. Customers can ask questions, send photos, and even share their location directly to your business.

Broadcast Your Business to the Social Network

Your biggest fans can follow your account to stay tuned to your business’s news, promotions, and more. Broadcast announcements, discounts, and events to the social networking platform built on Telegram.

Telegram call center

Integrated Agent Desktop

Telegram integration is seamless – agents logged in to the Agent Desktop application receive and reply to Telegram messages in the same way that they receive and respond to text messages and web chats.

Contact center Agent Desktop

Contacts via Telegram come from authenticated Telegram users who use their mobile phone numbers as their ID. This helps Bright Pattern offer 100% positive identification (and authentication) of all repeat contacts.

At any time, an agent may work on a number of multichannel conversations – voice, SMS, email, and messengers, to name a few – distributed according to our omnichannel routing system. Ready to pick up the phone, reply to a text, or open a chat, agents easily handle all their conversations seamlessly from one integrated desktop.

[df_list][df_list_item icon=”fa-wrench”]Simple Setup[/df_list_item][/df_list]

Our omnichannel cloud contact center system is integrated with the most popular messenger applications, including Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and LINE, among others. Integration configuration involves the same simple process across the board, no matter what messenger you choose to connect to your customers.

[df_list][df_list_item icon=”fa-bar-chart”]Insight[/df_list_item][/df_list]

Bright Pattern reports offer insight on patterns and volume of incoming traffic, as well as individual agent and team performance. With the ability to track interactions, review transcripts, listen to or view recordings, and more, your contact center can use real data to improve customer service, provide agent training, and monitor team success.

[df_list][df_list_item icon=”fa-cogs”]Automation[/df_list_item][/df_list]

Automation, integrations, and complex bots do the heavy lifting for common issues, so agents can spend time on advanced requests. Automation for everything from agent routing to automatic greetings and customer surveys can be customized in Bright Pattern’s advanced Scenario Builder application.

Want to know more about Telegram Integration?

We are happy to answer questions and discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online or set up a pilot project to trial the solution without paying any license fees