The Bright Pattern cloud call centre software is a web-based omnichannel call centre platform for handling voice and digital interactions with customers. It requires no physical infrastructure, increases flexibility and scalability, and is accessible from virtually anywhere in the world. By enabling all voice and digital channels, the Bright Pattern cloud call centre solution delivers state-of-the-art capabilities to provide your organization with the communication management tools you’ll need to seamlessly communicate with clients, boost agent productivity, and increase efficiency while delivering a superior customer experience.


Bright Pattern’s cloud call centre solution simplifies omnichannel communication options for voice, video, and digital channels. Customers can start on one channel and as they transition to other channels, they can have one seamless, continuous conversation with your company—one conversation across all channels that reduces effort and is more personal. The Bright Pattern cloud call centre solution includes IVR support for voice, video, as well as digital channels such as email, SMS, messaging, and mobile applications.

It is important to understand the contrast between multichannel and omnichannel solutions. Customer journey today usually involves multiple communication channels, and customers expect low effort and personal service across all of them. Multichannel solutions are limited, and while they can offer communication on various channels, they are siloed and single threaded so when you move from one channel to another you must restart the conversation and repeat information, resulting in high effort and a poor customer experience.

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As we know, a customer journey can begin in many ways and occur over a period of time. A customer may start their journey with a visit to your website before deciding to communicate with a call centre agent via web chat or SMS, and then request an agent for a voice conversation. With Bright Pattern’s cloud call centre solution, the same agent can track this customer’s journey across all channels and interact with the full context of the situation throughout the process, resulting in consistent and personalized customer support. This saves customers the frustration of being transferred to another agent where they would have to repeat themselves to a different agent.


One of the main goals of any contact centre is convenient and effective customer service. To deliver on this goal, it is imperative that agents have the best cloud call centre technology available to interact with their customers in a personal and effective way. In fact, the available technology is one of the leading factors that affects agent job performance and satisfaction. Running an efficient call centre without motivated agents is impossible, so getting this aspect of your business right has to be a top priority.

Bright Pattern offers a unified Agent Desktop that makes it easy for agents to track and access any conversation, whether it’s a phone call, video chat, social media conversation, or with a chatbot, resulting in an improved experience for both the agent and the customer.

This powerful and easy-to-use technology will also help reduce agent turnover, which is, unfortunately, a common problem in customer service—especially contact centres—and research shows that the problem is increasing. This results in worsened productivity as well as unnecessary costs to hire and train new agents. A long-term investment in a system that can improve agent morale by increasing productivity will easily pay for itself.

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One of the great benefits of the Bright Pattern cloud call centre solution is that it includes a powerful routing engine across all channels, resulting in a context-rich, consistent, and personal experience for the customer. Interactions can be routed based on your business strategy, such as escalations, or to the last agent who interacted with the customer. You can also implement skills-based routing to pair customers with agents to resolve the issue at hand with a single encounter. The result is a more efficient call centre, more productive agents, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

The best companies unify all communication channels to create brand loyalty. Consider the previously mentioned example of a customer speaking to an agent on one channel and being switched to a different agent on another. Treated separately, these interactions can create frustration for both the customer and the agent. Bright Pattern’s unified omnichannel solutions enable the agent to see the conversation as one and deliver a more effective and personal customer communications experience.

Bright Pattern omnichannel cloud contact centre software delivers industry-leading capabilities that can be easily implemented. We provide all communication channels under a single unified architecture. There are no disparate technologies or systems to get used to, so attention can be focused solely where it needs to be—on the customer. With the platform’s powerful and reliable intelligent call routing capabilities, customers are automatically directed to the best resources for their needs and will be connected to the most appropriate agent for their situation.



With Bright Pattern’s cloud call centre software, you can configure and implement your strategy based on your business needs. As no two businesses are alike, our powerful workflow and journey orchestration capabilities allow you to design processes tailored to fit your specific requirements. With our powerful Scenario Builder application, you have all the tools you need to create the ideal customer journey and experience.


The Bright Pattern cloud call centre solution also provides big advantages when it comes to customer analytics, reporting, and quality management. Data for customer satisfaction is collected and analysed across all touch points and can be measured by channel in a single view. This quality management capability provides valuable insight into performance, and allows you to take those steps necessary to make sure you are delivering a consistent and personal customer experience across all channels.

Customer analytics are the backbone of most organizations, and having the best tools possible is crucial for any business to succeed. The more you know about customers’ buying and service habits, the more prepared you’ll be to predict future needs and stand out from the competition.

Studying customer data collected in the call centre will also help determine what other areas of business could be improved. It can also help increase sales by making personalized offers to customers and providing faster support paths to returning customers based on their data.


We are happy to answer questions, discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, describe core benefits, or set up a pilot project to trial our applications without paying any license fees. Let Bright Pattern’s call centre solution help you change the pattern of customer service