Customer service is more important now than ever, especially in the contact center space. Customer service is a representation of your brand image, mission, and values. In fact, many customers stay loyal to certain brands due to the quality of the brand’s customer service, and customer retention is oftentimes more important than customer acquisition.

There have been so many buzzwords that describe the economy during the pandemic. Words like uncertain, uncharted, chaotic, and “the new normal,” are floating around, but what does the post-pandemic “normal” look like and how will that affect CX? Let’s start by taking a look at some of the data before COVID-19 landed in the US.

Let’s be honest, no one was prepared for a global shut down due to the pandemic. Contact centers that relied on outsourcing calls and other channels overseas—instead of relying on work from home agents—were blindsided when the virus spread like wildfire to other countries.

An extension to the challenge of adapting existing hardware to support emerging digital channels is the need to implement some form of quality assurance on all new digital channels. While adding digital channels will expand the horizon for interacting with end users, it can create a new pain of needing to ensure that interactions on new digital channels are simultaneously seamless and high in user satisfaction.