With a virtual contact center solution, contact center managers and admins have the ability to hire talent from across the globe. A contact center with a remote workforce that’s based in the United States can have talent from any continent on the globe, attracting a talented workforce while helping the call center maintain promises of 24/7 support.

MarketSource, an Allegis Group company, is the proven alternative to traditional sales outsourcing. The company believes that better sales begin with better relationships. For over 40 years, MarketSource has partnered with organizations of all sizes to recruit, train, and manage sales professionals, brand ambassadors, product experts, and passionate professionals. Better sales are simply MarketSourced.

Call center efficiency is important in the contact center industry. Better call center efficiency means better ROI, more satisfied customers, and empowered call center agents. There are many metrics and strategies used in the industry to measure efficiency. In this blog, we’ll talk about the technologies that your call center needs to boost call center […]Continue reading

Telemarketing is a huge field in the contact center industry. Almost every company and contact center engages in telemarketing, whether it’s to connect with customers more closely or generate leads to pursue. As a result, many innovative technologies have been created and used by contact centers to reach more customers more efficiently.