Fuel Innovation and Augment a New Era of IT Service Management

IT service management is a constantly evolving field. Technology is innovating, and service management must adapt to new technologies. The needs and expectations of end users have grown creating a new era of digital transformation. These expectations require service management operations to keep up with the pace of the modern workplace.

As technology evolves, new features become readily available constantly. The scope of support that can be provided to end users is expanding. Things that held end users and clients back, like hold music and business hours, are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Through technology like AI, self-service options, cloud services, and new digital channels, IT service and support is evolving to cater to the changing demands of the end user.

Get the latest tips on how to adapt through HDI’s “Fueling Innovation: Augmenting a New Era of IT Service Management”. Join Bright Pattern and HDI for an hour-long webinar on October 20 at 10AM. The webinar is presented by IT service management veterans and luminaries. Featured presenters include Kevin J. Smith, President of the IT Transformation Institute, Chris Chagnon,

ITSM Architect from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Andrew Gilliam, Analyst at HDI and Moderator of the webinar.

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Fueling Innovation: Augmenting a New Era of IT Service Management


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