Complement Your IT Service Management with Powerful Technology

In the finale of our IT service management blog series, we discuss the kinds of technology that can complement your service management and boost ITSM performance.

Adding intelligent technologies to complement your existing service management platform is a key for a fast return on investment while driving innovation in your organization. Innovative technology that works with any service management platform you’re using, like Ivanti, ServiceNow, BMC Systems, etc., helps streamline service management processes, supports best practices, and reduces risk. By introducing complementary technology that can work with any service management platform and be implemented in support of high-impact use cases, your service management capabilities are given an additional degree of flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

Bright Pattern’s AI-powered omnichannel communication interaction platform enables your service management solution to communicate on all voice and digital channels (chat, SMS, MMS, email, messengers) while providing advanced automation of incidents, problems, changes, service requests, and much more. Our solution will dramatically improve the return on investment of your service management solution by enabling you to communicate on any channel and providing features such as automated password reset, automated incident creation and resolution, status updates, proactive notifications, voice self-service, and automated routing of all communications. Measure employee performance and customer satisfaction with advanced quality management features to improve every interaction and outcome.

For the full guide on how to turbocharge your IT service management, check out Bright Pattern’s ebook “How to Turbocharge Your IT Service Management”.

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How to Turbocharge Your IT Service Management

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