Bright Path for Avaya

Accelerating an easier, brighter path to the cloud


Wanting to find your CX Silver Lining but your existing vendor’s cloud contact center promises leaving you in the dark? Bright Pattern, the easiest most powerful cloud contact center can help you transition to your first cloud application in only 4 weeks - with a guided plan and complete setup and training. And you can move your other applications at a pace that works best for you.

What do you get with Bright Pattern for Avaya?

  1. A 4-week go live and Statement of Work that includes a simple step by step plan that will allow you to turn on your first cloud contact center application in a matter of weeks - not months or longer from other vendors
  2. A single channel or true omnichannel cloud contact center - voice, chat, SMS, email, video chat - or new channels like bots or messengers (Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and more) for an initial contact center application that you would like to move to the cloud
  3. Include setup and configuration of your omni-channel cloud contact center
  4. Training your agents on a single all in one omni-channel desktop (training delivered by Bright Pattern or an Avaya partner)
  5. Cloud transition training and new cloud skills for your existing IT staff
Join us for a 30 minute discovery call and you will be on your way to the cloud in weeks...

Bright Pattern recently turned on 2000 agents in 10 days for one of North America’s largest banks and a contact center for one of the most populous states in 23 hours. What we have done for others we can do for you in weeks - guaranteed.

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Powerful CX Features with Bright Pattern

Utilize best-of-breed artificial intelligence for self-service options, task automation, and quality assurance.
True Omnichannel
Connect with the community on any channel. Utilize channels like voice, video, SMS, and text messaging for outbound notifications and inbound communications.
Utilize IVRs with Natural Language Processing and implement self-service menus for 311 numbers. Reduce agent and constituent frustration.
Unified Reporting
Intuitive dashboards that unify data and reporting across all channels to make quality management easy and seamless
Based on the cloud, Bright Pattern is fast to implement and removes all of the high costs associated with a traditional call center.
Secure and Compliant
Protect personal information, secure critical information, and follow privacy policy. Bright Pattern is PCI, TCPA, SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR complaint.

Modern and Reliable Platform

Bright Pattern provides a modern, reliable, and nimble platform that is easier for your team to manage and your agents to use. It is an omnichannel platform with a single desktop for all your channels (vs siloed applications for each channel with separate desktops, separate systems to manage). Bright Pattern is future-proof for any new emerging channels.

Cloud-Based, Remote, 100% Uptime

Experience no downtime no matter what. Bright Pattern’s platform is cloud-based with active-active architecture. Being based on the cloud means high reliability and uptime. You will experience no scheduled downtime because all upgrades are done on the fly without having to bring the system down. Your IT team can quickly set up remote agents in days without special hardware or software.

Omnichannel Conversation and Quality Assurance

Along with native omnichannel conversations, Bright Pattern has omnichannel reporting and built-in omnichannel quality management that monitors every interaction of every channel and allows you to score, grade, and coach agents.

Ease of Use and Fast ROI

Eliminate costly ongoing maintenance expenses by moving to our cloud platform. With Bright Pattern, achieve ROI in just months. Customers typically see full ROI payback in 1.6 months (the fastest ROI in the industry per G2 Crowd) with time to deploy less than half the industry average for cloud contact center vendors.

Bright Pattern Call Center Software Features

Unified Agent Desktop
CRM Integration
True Omnichannel
Intelligent Routing
AI-Powered Agent Assistance
Sentiment and Text Analysis
Interactive Voice Response
Built-in Quality Management
WFO and WFM Integration
Call and Screen Recording
Automated Bot Conversations
Drag-and-Drop Scenario Builder
All Digital Channels Supported
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Click-to-Call, Click-to-Chat Capabilities

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    Best ROI and Time to Implement

    Bright Pattern beat all other CCaaSS vendors for the best ROI and the fastest time to implement by G2 Crowd and customer reviews! Bright Pattern’s low and fixed implementation price, minimal to no professional service fees, and quick onboarding allow our customers to realize ROI in half the time of other CCaaS providers.

    Contact Center Growth
    Average Uptime

    Hundreds of Five Star Reviews

    The ease of implementation for chat has enabled us to quickly build and turn chat on for our customer facing sites in less than a day.
    Derek G.
    It is an extremely robust, while easy to use software. It can handle massive telephony centers with ease while maintaining competitive telco charges.
    KC R.
    Easy to Administer and Powerful to Use
    Howard Leary II
    The power of predictive dialing technology and the flexibility offered by a first-rate company. With Bright Pattern, we have the ability to be agile and effective.
    Gerardo G
    I use Bright Pattern as an outbound telephone and SMS platform. They have been very helpful!
    William Ayer
    I recently deployed this software for an outsourcing firm. They were able to deploy it in service of over a dozen customers. Bright Pattern was easy to deploy.
    Tripp K.
    First, the Brightpattern team is extremely customer focused and always willing to support customizations, or modifications to the product to address feature requirements in a quickly changing market.
    Brian Feinberg

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