• dreamstime_xsAmazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Openstack
  • VMWare
  • and, of course, bare metal

Why would you want to host your own contact center cloud?

  1. To provide service to your clients, under your own label
  2. When your organization is so large that you have no benefits from using cloud provider’s economies of scale
  3. When you want total control over the operations
  4. To offer customized feature set editions targeted at specific markets

You can set up and run our comprehensive multi-tenant cloud contact center software platform in less than 2 weeks.

Easy deployment

serversSimply run our installer on several servers and choose server roles in configuration. No special hardware is needed, generic servers or virtual machines are suitable.

Connecting multiple broadband voice providers via SIP is also essentially point and click.

Our multi-tenant platform is available on Windows and Linux.

Easy scalability and fault-tolerance

scalable-fault-tolerant6-8 servers are good for about 1000 concurrent inbound agents, sliced into any number of tenants, with full redundancy. More servers can be added on the fly.  Double the number of servers to reach 5000 agents. For outbound, you might need more servers for voice, depending on the quality of lists being dialed.

The components are designed for fault tolerance. When one component fails, it is identified and is not used anymore, so next interaction is processed successfully.

The system does not require virtualization for reasons of fault tolerance, or for a sake of efficient use of hardware, as fault-tolerance is built-in, and utilization is high already with multi-tenancy.

Easy operations and maintenance

The redundant nature of the system allows taking servers out of service for maintenance and upgrades during system operation. More servers can be added on the fly in the same fashion.

Imagine being able to change data center racks or even data centers during operation!Calls diagram

Key components provide their state via SNMP, so irregularities are easy to detect and alert on.

We have provider APIs for automation of tenant and number management and relocation.

Easy to create new services

extensibleWe provide a number of extensibility mechanisms for building new, unique services based on our platform and your and your clients’ applications and CRM systems. The mechanisms include:

  1. Periodic data export and import, using both (S)FTP and RESTful APIs
  2. Screen pop and click to dial capability and API
  3. The Web services access
  4. Sending e-mails and SMS text messages
  5. Client desktop APIs
  6. A number of Salesforce.com platform interoperability mechanisms, such as built-in UI, single sign-on, friendly blocks for data access from scenarios, screen pop for both specific object and search results, and activity history updates for reporting. Read about our Contact Center in Salesforce
  7. Workforce management real-time and historical feeds
  8. SQL DB access