Customer satisfaction surveys

We learn two things from performance reports:

  • How hard your teams and agents have been working.
  • What you actually achieve.

Many reports will tell you how hard you work.

But only your customers can tell you if you are hitting the goals that matter.

Out of the box, ServicePattern runs surveys after each customer interaction. That’s right, survey logic is included in every call and a chat scenario template (and yes, you can edit it or remove it very easily). The surveys are multi-channel and currently available for chat, mobile, and voice

And callers can initiate the survey any time they want to by pushing a button. There is no need to wait for the agent to hang up.

This out-of-the-box and on-by-default surveying provide very helpful management information. We track customer satisfaction along 3 axes:

  • Your services
  • Your teams
  • And individual agents

Better yet, the information is ready for your standard agent, team, and service reports.
You can change them anytime, but our  default survey questions may be all you ever need because they cover the most important things you need to know about what you are actually achieving in the eyes of your customers:

  • Issue resolution
  • Rate conversation with agent
  • Net Promoter Score

Here’s a sample of the survey that is offered to your customers after a web chat session. Phone callers get the same exact questions (unless and until you customize them). Why not contact Bright Pattern today for a live demo of the ServicePattern cloud contact center platform?

survey screen shot

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