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    The call center is the face of the business for many businesses, companies, and organizations. For this reason, businesses must ensure that their call center, and especially their call center software, can support customer interactions smoothly and efficiently. Here are some of the mistakes call centers make and how to fix them. Focusing on First […]Continue reading

    An outbound call center is a vital part of the customer experience that many businesses provide. An outbound call center can exist for many different purposes. Outbound call centers allow businesses to make outbound calls to customers and prospects efficiently. These call centers are useful for use cases like telemarketing, outbound sales, fundraising, surveying, and […]Continue reading

    The customer experience is one of the most important aspects when running and growing a business or organization. Especially in the new digital age, delivering a great customer experience is more crucial than ever. Delivering exceptional customer service can build strong customer relationships and customer loyalty, leading to bigger opportunities to expand your business through […]Continue reading

    In a recent trend report conducted by Canam Research and sponsored by Bright Pattern to research trends in ITSM and ESM channels, many key trends were identified in the IT service management field in 2021. This trend report surveyed IT professionals from a wide range of seniority levels, including c-levels, directors, managers, and VPs. Top […]Continue reading

    The contact center is an important part of many businesses and organizations since it is the first point of contact between customers and businesses. This means having advanced contact center technology can give your business or organization an edge by allowing you to provide exceptional customer service on any communication channel. But how are companies […]Continue reading