You’re sitting at home enjoying your favorite TV show when, all of a sudden, the power goes out. You want immediate information on the outage, so you decide to call your energy provider, and then you get stuck in a long-winded IVR that goes something like: “Welcome to Energy Oasis. For account changes, press 1. For service requests, press 2….”.

Within a company, the IT team plays a crucial role in helping people carry out their work and achieve their objectives within an organization. Through IT Service Management, IT teams can further refine how they design, deliver, manage, and improve the IT services they provide to their end users.

It’s been said that in business, great care and patience should be given when selecting new hires. Look beyond the candidate’s resume and assess their character to determine if they would be a good fit with the current team and add value to the company. The same can be said about finding the right CX tech vendor.

In the contact center, allowing agents to collaborate on issues and tackle problems together is crucial for better customer service and knowledge sharing within the contact center environment. Great internal communication can help agents deliver faster customer service and bond with their coworkers for a better working environment as well.