7 Reasons to Switch to a Cloud-Based Call Center

At this point in our society, nearly every business uses cloud-based software on some level. You’ve undoubtedly experienced its many benefits: automatic updates, zero downtime, digital workspaces, the ability to promote remote work, flexibility, and more. Still, when it comes to your call center, tradition can have a pretty strong hold. Many of the concerns […]

Calculating Your ROI with your Outbound Call Center Software

You’ve read about the features and benefits of your outbound call center software, and it all sounds great. You’re ready to buy, but there’s one lingering question: how will I know if it’s working? Calculating the return-on-investment (ROI) on your outbound call center solution is essential. It’s also not as difficult as it might seem.  […]

Tips to Reduce Call Center Abandonment

Abandoned calls are when calls are dropped while in a call center queue. Abandoned calls are signs of missed opportunities and bad customer service, as customers who abandon calls are usually left dissatisfied with the CX and may be irritated with not being able to have  their issue resolved. Here are some tips for reducing […]

6 Best Practices to Optimize your CRM Customer Service

Today’s customers don’t just want good prices—they want experiences and relationships. They want brands they can rely on for quality service at all times. And at the core of this customer-consumer relationship is exceptional customer service. For example, 80% of consumers say they feel emotionally connected to brands after their support solves a problem for […]

Frost and Sullivan’s Latest Take on Bright Pattern

Frost and Sullivan, one of the leading analysts and consultants in the technology space, recently released their take on Bright Pattern’s call center software platform. Dividing Bright Pattern’s performance into innovation and growth, Frost and Sullivan’s analysis of Bright Pattern included many statements about the innovative nature of the company as well as how fast […]

Acting in the Moment with Omnichannel Quality Management

Among business executives, 64% consider customer service crucial to their firms’ growth. Customers expect top customer service from all channels when doing business with you. If you can’t deliver, they’ll turn to a competitor. Omnichannel quality assurance is the key to keeping your service on point. In this article, you’ll learn what it is, its […]

What’s Next? AI – “The Future of CX – What’s Next?” Workshop Recap Part 5

In Bright Pattern’s multi-part series to recap of its workshop at CCW Vegas, titled “The Future of CX – What’s Next?”, we have covered many parts of the workshop including omnichannel quality management and the use of new mobile channels. The workshop featured insight from the audience (many of whom are customers with fascinating use […]

Bright Pattern is Heading to CCW Europe!

Bright Pattern, the leading provider of omnichannel call center software, is heading to CCW Europe! CCW Europe is one of the largest CCW events in the world, and brings together the best and brightest of the CX industry and contact center industry for 3 days. CCW Europe 2022 will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from […]