Frost and Sullivan’s Latest Take on Bright Pattern

Frost and Sullivan, one of the leading analysts and consultants in the technology space, recently released their take on Bright Pattern’s call center software platform. Dividing Bright Pattern’s performance into innovation and growth, Frost and Sullivan’s analysis of Bright Pattern included many statements about the innovative nature of the company as well as how fast the company has been growing the last couple years.


Frost and Sullivan commented on Bright Pattern’s natively-built omnichannel, multi-tenant platform that is able to support midsize to very large enterprise companies. Bright Pattern’s platform was noted as being very innovative, with research and development being a major part of Bright Pattern’s total budget. Research and development at Bright Pattern, and the budget allocated to it, is the largest among all companies on the Frost Radar.

An example of the company’s innovations in the CX space and dedication to pushing the technology envelope in the CX industry is the company’s mobile-first strategy. The adoption of mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook into the platform, as well as providing customers with in-app messaging and “call me now” buttons is part of the company’s mobile-first strategy. Finally, Bright Pattern innovates on its mobile-first initiatives with the development of  Bright Pattern mobile, which enables all employees in a business to connect directly with customers over voice or digital channels.

Call Center Software Features


Frost and Sullivan noted that Bright Pattern is fast growing, with a rapid growth trajectory with above market average sales performance. Bright Pattern is also experiencing sequential record-setting quarters. The company has a technology-based approach that has powered its growth. Offering a complete omnichannel solution with a variety of digital channels and video chat, it has accelerated the adoption of Bright Pattern by many customers. 

As noted by Frost and Sullivan, Bright PAttern harnesses customization capabilities to stand out from competitors. Bright Pattern aims to remain open to all key technologies, like CRMs, WFO, and AI, so that customers can select from best-of-breed solutions yet has kept up a regular cadence of building its own native capabilities, as witnessed by the addition of its OmniQM quality management solution.

Omnichannel Quality Management

Frost Perspective

To top off the take on Bright Pattern, Frost and Sullivan provides a “Frost Perspective” on the platform. Frost and Sullivan stated that Bright Pattern’s ease of use and quick setup time distinguishes the platform. An average go-live setup period of 1.6 months is nearly half the average onboarding  time for the CCaaS industry. Users have lauded Bright Pattern for having great reliability and customer support. The company has also done well with its aggressive marketing campaigns, designed to expand its customer base and deliver new growth opportunities. Bright PAttern is noted as being profitable, winning increasingly larger enterprise deals, and has a solid pipeline of enterprise customers.

Finally, Bright Pattern is capitalizing further on recent partner development and building up a global sales department to deliver on international expansion plans.

Bright Pattern’s Omnichannel Platform

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel call center software is one of the most advanced, yet easiest to use on the market. Based on the cloud, Bright Pattern provides omnichannel capabilities, comprehensive CRM and AI integrations, intelligent IVR services, and more, all while being flexible, scalable, and easy to use.

Bright Pattern for Call Center Software
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