What’s Next? AI – “The Future of CX – What’s Next?” Workshop Recap Part 5

In Bright Pattern’s multi-part series to recap of its workshop at CCW Vegas, titled “The Future of CX – What’s Next?”, we have covered many parts of the workshop including omnichannel quality management and the use of new mobile channels. The workshop featured insight from the audience (many of whom are customers with fascinating use cases) as well as an esteemed panel of experts, including Othmar Mueller von Blumencron, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VIP Desk, and Jessica Osborn, IT Support Services Operations Manager at Randstad. In this part of the blog series, we cover Jessica’s views on AI and how AI has transformed her CX at Randstad.

Topic: What’s Next with AI?

Jessica who is working to deploy AI with Bright Pattern led this topic.

AI for What’s Next – Jessica’s Roadmap

  • Password Reset
  • Verify Time and Pay
  • Request W2s
  • Request billing information
  • HR Policy or Procedure Questions
  • Provide Suggestions or Recommendations
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Jessica led the discussion on AI as she is involved in various projects that are related to AI. Some of the key projects that involved her organization and AI included onboarding over 100,000 agents a week. Onboarding this many people a week is made easier with AI from Bright Pattern, allowing her to perform these tasks more easily and more efficiently. Things like automated password resets, handling internal systems like HR and 401K, requesting W2s, answering HR policy and procedure questions, and so on have all been made more easy and efficient with effective AI integrations. Open APIs are also important. For example, on the Bright Pattern system, there are open APIs that allow Bright Pattern to import info from a system like PeopleSoft, as well as features that keep data secure like two-factor authentication. With the massive volumes that Jessica’s team handles, it’s all about doing things better, more quickly and more efficiently, and AI helps make this happen.

Jessica commented: “It’s not about deploying AI. It’s really about providing great low-effort self-service and AI is the enabling technology to make that possible. Start with the use case and goal, then add AI”

The Full Bright Pattern “Future of CX – What’s Next?” Workshop E-book

The full recap of the Bright Pattern “Future of CX – What’s Next” is available for download. Click here to access the full ebook.

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