Improving the Efficiency of Remote Contact Center Teams with AI

Featured Guest: Casey O’Brien, VP of Sales for Cloud Contact Center Solutions at Conduit Global

One of the most frequent questions I receive from customers is how they can improve not only the efficiency and efficacy of their customer experience but how they can improve their agents’ ability to respond to customer inquiries. My answer is always “Artificial Intelligence.” AI has helped our customers to reduce average handle time and flag problematic interactions through integrations with chatbot and natural language understanding for suggestions and sentiment analysis, respectively.

Using AI to deliver suggestions to agents based on real-time keyword analysis in a voice call or chat interaction can ensure that your agents are providing relevant and poignant information to customers at all times. Agents appreciate this assistance as well. It makes their jobs a lot easier when they are handling dozens of calls every day and also helps to increase your Net Promoter Scores and customer satisfaction.

In addition, using AI to measure real-time sentiment helps to flag interactions that might need additional attention from a supervisor, which enables your contact center to quickly and efficiently handle a problematic interaction or even to reward an agent for a job well-done.

This blog post was provided by Bright Pattern partner, Conduit Global, a pioneer in cloud contact center as a service solutions and Business Process Outsourcing.

For the full guide on how to seamlessly integrate AI into a remote workforce, check out the full ebook “Contact Center AI for Remote Workforces”.


About the author:
Helping businesses transform customer experiences with integrated cloud contact center, workforce management, and unified communications solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, starting out as a network engineer with the US Federal Government, Casey specializes in complex solutions that result in transformative business outcomes.

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