The Evolution of IT Service Management

Featuring commentary from Brian Hoskins, Director of Service Management at Network Consulting Services, Inc.

The evolution of IT Service Management includes adding new channels of support. The need to support more channels is even more important now that many knowledge-workers are working remotely and need assistance outside of normal business hours.

Self-service options are widely used today in many industries, ranging from online shopping and banking to the widely popular vending machine industry. Today’s end users are very comfortable with self-service options that empower them to solve their challenges quickly and effectively, on their own schedule, without having to wait for personal interaction.

While some employees in the organization still prefer the personal touch of a live representative, self-service options provide an opportunity to offer new options fueled by employees sharing their knowledge, promoting a team-sharing culture. The success of adoption is determined by the ease-of-use, time savings, and successful resolution.

Providing multiple options for interaction gives end-user customers the control to resolve their issues when and how they choose. With proper guidance and implementation, organizations can increase end-user customer satisfaction while reducing overhead costs.

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About the author:

With over 16+ years of IT Service Management-related experience, Brian Hoskins leads executive leadership in transforming their ITSM projects into successful ITIL-measured service solutions that positively impact employee satisfaction.

With comprehensive knowledge of ITIL processes, Brian has the unique ability to guide and mentor executive decision makers as they seek to drive end-user satisfaction and business value through IT Service Management.

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How to Turbocharge Your IT Service Management

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