The Need for IT Service Management Automation

In the year 2019 I published a metric called the 90/90 rule in my book One IT, One Business. This rule calls out the importance of automation and speed–two powerful allies in the advancement of ITSM. This rule calls for IT organizations to be 90% automated with regards to all tasks and business processes and to be performing these same important blocks of work 90% faster by the year 2025. I remain confident this will come to pass and we are seeing the best IT organizations today commit to a significant investment in automation in order to support the evolving needs of the business.

Automation is remarkably powerful in its ability to improve scalability, to support 24/7 operations, improve the consistency of execution, enable user self-service models, make access to applications more convenient, and improve speed dramatically in everything we do. It simply won’t be possible for IT to keep up with the staggering pace of business over the next decade without a commitment to automation. And they need to frame this commitment and investment in terms of 90% automation in five years as the benchmark. This milestone becomes even more important when we consider the trajectory and continuous push for automation. To keep up IT will need to be 99% automated by the year 2030.

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Featured Guest: Kevin Smith
Following over 15 years with Ivanti and HEAT Software assisting global market-leading IT organizations with strategy and leveraging software solutions to help IT perform better, Kevin founded the IT Transformation Institute in 2020 to advance the World-Class ITSM best practices framework and to continue developing the IT Transformation RoadMap to guide IT organizations and businesses through the critical next decade. Kevin is the author of The Practical Guide to World-Class IT Service Management (March 2017), The IT Imperative (April 2018), and One IT, One Business (April 2019).

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How to Turbocharge Your IT Service Management

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