Is a Call Center a BPO or not?

Call Centers and BPOs: What You Need to Know

Is a Call Center a BPO or not

The Relationship Between Call Centers and BPOs

In the modern business world businesses are always looking for ways to increase efficiency, cut expenses, and improve customer service. One strategy that is commonly employed to accomplish these objectives involves outsourcing. This is a method that has resulted in diverse specialized services, such as call centers. But, the question frequently is asked: Is a Call Center a BPO or not? Let’s explore this complicated subject to better understand the subtleties and the connections among call centers as well as BPO.

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Is a Call Center Considered a BPO

Is a Call Center a BPO or not?

Is a Call Center a BPO or not? Yes it is possible for a call center to be regarded as a kind of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service. Business Process Outsourcing is the process of outsourcing certain operations or processes with third-party providers of services. For example, if you have the call center, businesses typically outsource customer support or telemarketing tasks to a specific company that provides call centers.
Call centers offer services like answering customer queries, resolving issues, completing requests, conducting polls and also making outbound sales or marketing calls, among other things. By outsourcing these tasks to a call center, businesses will benefit from savings in costs, expert knowledge as well as scalability and the ability to concentrate on the core business of their company.
In essence the call center is a form of BPO service that involves outsourcing certain business processes that are related to customer interaction and communication.

What is a BPO?

BPO is a shorthand for Business Process Outsourcing. It’s the practice of utilizing a third-party firm to complete tasks and procedures which are usually performed internally. This could include a broad variety of tasks like customer service accounting, support for IT as well as human resources.

What Is A Call Center?

The call center can be described as a central department that takes care of calls that are outbound and inbound from prospective and current customers. Call centers can be found within the company or outsourced to another business which is specialized in managing calls.
Call centers play a significant function in customer service. They provide customers with the opportunity to seek assistance with their concerns and questions. Agents from call centers can be employed to generate leads, market goods and services as well as perform market analysis.

Benefits Of Outsourcing A Call Center To A BPO

There are many advantages when outsourcing a call centre to BPOs. BPO for example:
  • Cost savings:
BPOs can often offer lower labor costs than in-house operations. This is especially true for BPOs located in countries with lower wages.
  • Expertise:
BPOs have the expertise and experience to provide high-quality customer service. They have access to the latest technology and training, and they are constantly looking for ways to improve their processes.
  • Scalability:
BPOs can scale their operations up or down to meet the company's needs. This can be helpful for companies that experience seasonal fluctuations in call volume.
  • Flexibility:
BPOs can offer a variety of services, such as 24/7 support, multilingual support, and live chat support. This can help companies to provide better customer service and to reach a wider audience.
  • Focus on core competencies:
Outsourcing a call center to a BPO can free up the company's internal resources to focus on its core competencies. This can lead to improved efficiency and profitability.

How To Choose A BPO For Your Call Center Needs

When deciding on the best BPO to handle your Call Center requirements there are many aspects to think about, including:
  • Industry experience: Select a BPO who has experience in your field. This will allow you to be sure that they are aware of your particular requirements and are able to offer excellent customer service.
  • Customer service reputation: Check out reviews and testimonials left by other customers to gain a better understanding of the BPO’s service reputation. It is important to select the BPO which is well-known for its outstanding customer service.
  • Pricing: BPOs before deciding. Compare the cost of various services, including calls outbound and inbound as well as customer service and technical support.
  • Scalability: Pick the BPO which can expand its operations or scale them down to meet your ever-changing requirements. This is crucial when you have frequent fluctuations in the volume of calls.
  • Technology: Select a BPO that utilizes the most recent technology to answer customer calls. This will ensure that your customers receive satisfaction.
  • Security: Select an BPO with strong security measures to safeguard your customer’s data.

Types of Call Center BPOs

There are two kinds of BPOs for call centers: Inbound and Outbound.
  • The call centers that are inbound BPOs take on calls coming in from customers. These can be calls to technical support, customer service marketing, sales, and technical support. Inbound call center representatives usually work in customer service roles, assisting customers solve their problems and offering support.
  • Call center outbound BPOs call out to customers for the company. It could include calls for telesales, telemarketing or market analysis. Outbound call center employees could be involved in the generation of leads, promoting products and services or conducting surveys.
In addition to the inbound or outbound call center BPOs there are a lot of BPOs for call centers that specialize. These BPOs specialize in specific areas or types of calls. For instance there are call center BPOs which are specialized in financial, healthcare services, and technologies. Additionally, there are call center BPOs which specialize in support in multiple languages, 24/7 support as well as live chat service.

How to Determine if Your Call Center is a BPO

To find out whether your call center qualifies as a BPO then you should consider the following aspects:
  • Ownership: Does your call center belong to or operated by your business or is it operated and owned by a third party company? If it’s operated and owned by a third-party that is a BPO.
  • Services provided: Are you able to provide a range of services, including sales, customer service, or technical help? Does it offer the most limited services like support for customers? In the event that your contact center is able to provide many different services, then it’s probably an BPO.
  • Location: Your call center within the exact same location as your business’s headquarters? or is it located in a different location? When your center’s location is in a different location, it’s likely to be a BPO.

Challenges of Outsourcing a Call Center to a BPO

The outsourcing of an office to BPO BPO could provide a range of advantages, however there are some pitfalls that you should be mindful of. Here are a few of the most frequent problems:
  • Communication and cultural differences: The challenge is to collaborate and communicate effectively with an BPO located in a different nation. There could also be cultural differences that may cause miscommunication.
  • Quality control: it could be difficult to verify that the BPO provides the same service and quality that your company could provide. This is especially the case in the event that the BPO is not experienced in your field or with the specific products or services you offer.
  • Data security: It is crucial to ensure that your BPO is equipped with the right security procedures in place to guard the customer’s data. This is crucial in the event that your BPO locates in a nation with more stringent data security laws.
  • Intellectual property: When the BPO is handling sensitive information, for example customer data or trade secrets It is essential to have an agreement to protect your intellectual property.

Tips for Success When Outsourcing Your Call Center

Here are some helpful tips to be successful in outsource your phone center
  1. Do your research: Select a BPO that has a solid reputation and an extensive experience in your field. Review and read testimonials and reviews from other customers to gain a better understanding of the BPO’s service reputation and performance.
  2. Have a clear contract in place: The contract should define the services that will be offered as well as the cost, conditions of service, as well as services level agreements (SLAs). SLAs are specific measures which define the level of service the BPO will be expected to deliver.
  3. Communicate effectively: Effective communication is essential to a successful outsourcing partnership. Establish regular channels of communication to your BPO and ensure that you’re both in the same boat regarding your goals and expectations.
  4. Provide training: Offer your BPO with the instruction they require to deliver excellent customer service. The training should contain details on your services or products as well as your culture of business and the standards of your customer service.
  5. Monitor performance: Observe the BPO’s performance on a regular basis to ensure they’re up to your standards. This involves review of SLAs as well as surveys on customer satisfaction, and recordings of calls.
  6. Be flexible: Things do not always go as planned. It’s crucial to be able and flexible. Prepare to make changes to your outsourcing partnership when required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) typically comprises services such as customer assistance, data entry, accounting and finance HR IT support, as well as many other back-office activities that businesses contract with third-party service providers to increase efficiency and cut costs.

BPO in the context of call centers is a reference to business Process outsourcing services that are related to handling phone-based interactions with clients or customers. This covers services such as customer support and telemarketing, technical support and order processing that are outsourced to specific call center service providers to increase the efficiency of operations and provide better customer service.

The BPO telephone interview generally is a way of assessing the suitability of a candidate for a position in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) call center. The interview may involve questions regarding the candidate’s communication abilities, problem-solving capabilities, experiences in customer service, and their knowledge of specific BPO procedures or industries that the call center services. The interview could also test the ability of candidates to respond to questions from customers, solve problems, and function effectively as part of a team as well as under pressure.


The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) firm is a service provider who provides outsourcing services to businesses. They specialize in outsourcing specific functions or processes in the business like customer support, accounting, data entry human resources, etc. other areas, in order to help businesses increase efficiency, cut expenses, and concentrate on their core activities.

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