Bright Pattern and Deliver Bots with a Human Touch

Bright Pattern, an innovative cloud contact center provider and, omnichannel bot and AI platform unveiled an integrated solution for smart automated service over messaging channels with a warm human assistance for handling exceptions and improving bot response quality.
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Automation is not unusual in the customer service industry – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus over the telephone are used in every call center. Unfortunately, the automation most often came at the expense of customer experience: frequently a customer needed something the machine could not help with, and a live person was needed to be connected in time to handle the exception.

Bright Pattern and came up with a solution that delivers the benefits of automation without damaging the experience: Bright Pattern offers an efficient escalation to live representatives in case of an exception, and bot technology learns from the escalations to perfect the bot.

“The joint solution with is an important step forward for our Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Contact Center program,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO or Bright Pattern. “It offers our customers the automation of one of the most significant channels – messaging” – he continued.

“Through this partnership, we’re thrilled to be bringing businesses into the ‘Messaging Age’ with scalable 1:1 communication with their customers via their preferred communication channel.” said Pablo Pera, co-founder of “This simple integration into businesses’ existing call centers delivers significant innovation in business to consumer communication.”

The integrated solution is available to all current and future customers of and Bright Pattern on all major messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Line, and SMS.

About Bright Pattern
Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center software helps to simplify multichannel customer service for customers, agents and contact center managers.

Businesses and brands use’s end-to-end enterprise solution to build, manage, optimize and scale chat bots over all major messaging platforms.

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