Bright Pattern Extends Service to the UK and Republic of Ireland

Bright Pattern, a global provider of multichannel cloud contact center software, expands its presence in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland to enhance local voice communications and improve regional compliance
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Bright Pattern today announces its expansion in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland with a local point of presence, which will benefit Bright Pattern customers located in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland with faster deployment times and superior communications. Local enterprises and global companies serving these areas will gain accelerated innovation deliveries from Bright Pattern’s direct upgrade schedule.

Global customers using Bright Pattern’s virtual contact center will be able to offer better customer service and clearer communications with reduced latency. The local point of presence also ensures compliance by utilizing local phone numbers and by storing recordings within the country.

“Our cloud contact center software is cloud-agnostic, making it easy to deploy and maintain across the globe,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CTO and Founder of Bright Pattern. “Creating a local point of presence in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland took a minimal amount of effort and will greatly improve the customer service provided by our customers located and/or serving customers in these areas.”

Bright Pattern’s expansion makes it easier for companies to manage follow-the-sun extended hours of operations with overflow and reporting using the new point of presence.

Kishinsky continued, “In the past, follow-the-sun support was only feasible for large global companies. With Bright Pattern, local companies can create a global workflow in which issues can be resolved and passed between offices in different time zones to reduce delays.”

Bright Pattern has recently experienced considerable global expansion. “Last year, we expanded our presence in Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe,” said Bright Pattern CEO, Michael McCloskey. “The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland expansion is just one of many on the road map for 2018.”

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