Extending Cloud Contact Center Service to Japan

Bright Pattern, global provider of multichannel cloud contact center software, expands its presence in Japan to enhance local voice communications and improve regional compliance.
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San Bruno, CA February 7, 2017 Bright Pattern, the cloud contact center company that makes omnichannel communications simple, announced it has expanded its presence in Japan with the addition of a local cloud point of presence.

Bright Pattern is not a stranger to the Japanese contact center market, with a customer community that has grown to more than 3,000 concurrent users over past 5 years.

The new point of presence will benefit local enterprises and global companies serving the Japanese market with faster deployment times and better communications. Local enterprises will enjoy accelerated innovation delivery from Bright Pattern’s direct upgrade schedule.

Global companies serving the Japanese market using Bright Pattern’s virtual contact center will be able to offer a better voice experience with low latency and improved compliance by utilizing local phone numbers and storing recordings within the country. Follow-the-sun extended hours of operation are now easier to manage with overflow and reporting using the new point of presence in Japan.

“Our software is cloud-agnostic, and it’s quite easy to deploy and maintain, so bringing up a new production cluster in Tokyo took us about a week from start to finish,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, Bright Pattern CEO. “We are excited to offer expanded global options to our customers.”

Bright Pattern Cloud Contact Center software is used globally in over 26 countries and 12 languages.

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