Bright Pattern Integrates Google Cloud Speech

Bright Pattern integrates Google cloud speech to omnichannel contact center software
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Bright Pattern, leading provider of multichannel cloud contact center software announces their integration with Google to provide powerful speech recognition by applying Google’s deep learning neural network modules. The integration with Google Cloud Speech will support global Bright Pattern customers and partners by recognizing over 80 languages and variants.

Using deep learning, the powerful speech recognition also learns over time as Google improves the internal speech recognition technology. The integration is context-aware, meaning it can be tailored to content by providing words or phrases that are likely to be spoken on an API call. The integration can also successfully handle noisy audio, so there is no need for advanced signal processing or noise cancellation before sending the audio file to Google Cloud Speech.

“The Google Cloud Speech integration is in line with our company vision of providing a simple omnichannel customer experience,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern. “The deep learning and AI involved in the integration enables Bright Pattern to provide top tier speech recognition technology to our customers and partners across the globe.”

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