The World’s Largest Advanced Caller ID Database from Next Caller

Bright Pattern partners with Next Caller to provide customers with Advanced Caller ID within the Bright Pattern platform allowing businesses to access the Next Caller database of over 500 million caller profiles in real-time
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Bright Pattern, a provider of omnichannel cloud contact center software, today announces its partnership and integration with Next Caller. When a call comes into the Bright Pattern contact center software, if there is no prior contact information in the CRM, Next Caller will screen pop data from its database. The data in the Next Caller database can be used for real-time ID, IVR routing decisions, improving CRM data and creating a more personalized customer experience.

The integration improves agent productivity because no manual identification is required, reducing average handle time. With an average cost per call for manual identification at $21/agent/day, contact centers also experience cost savings with Next Caller. Identification in real-time enables agents to provide a better experience, encouraging upsell and repeat customers.

Every year, consumers rank ‘waiting on hold’ and ‘spelling or repeating information’ as their top two frustrations when calling a business,” said Sam Espinosa, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Next Caller.” We reinvented Caller ID to make life easier on the caller, the agent, and the entire telephony operation. For Bright Pattern clients doing business over the phone, get ready to enjoy an exciting upgrade.”

“Next Caller is one of the many integrations we plan to bring our customers in 2017,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern. “The Next Caller integration will bring caller ID business intelligence into our 5.0 product release and help our customers build better relationships with their prospects and consumers.”

About Next Caller

Next Caller is an innovative business intelligence company that helps you build better relationships with the people that matter most — your prospect and customers. Our Advanced Caller ID™ technology matches incoming phone numbers with your customer data, and up to 50 Next Caller data insights, to deliver enhanced caller profiles in real-time. The complete picture of the person calling gives your business a smart competitive advantage by improving the customer experience, finding efficiencies, maximizing existing relationships, and winning new ones.

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