Bright Pattern Software Release Introduces Rich Contact Features to Increase Customer Satisfaction

San Bruno, CA (PRWEB) June 03, 2014

Bright Pattern, Inc., provider of the Bright Pattern™ next-generation cloud-based contact center solution, has deployed the latest release of its software platform which includes Rich Contact API support, advanced mobile SMS messaging capabilities, and voice signature for e-signing.

Rich contact API features! no more IVR
Rich Contact API – Increase customer satisfaction

The Rich Contact API supports both mobile devices and websites, and provides a side-band data communications channel alongside, or even instead of, a voice telephone call. This allows for automatic customer identification, segmentation, and service selection before interaction with the contact center representative, without forcing callers to use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

As an example, some brands may choose to use these features to dynamically offer preferential treatment for their most loyal, or most valuable, customers.

Further, the API supports the transfer of images, such as smartphone pictures, to the contact center, and two-way texting capabilities during the agent session.

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“We are excited to offer service capabilities to match the modern consumer’s connected experience,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO, and co-founder of Bright Pattern. “As consumers, we should no longer have to struggle with Interactive Voice Response systems, or with the DTMF keypad on our smartphones, to talk to the companies we do business with.”

The benefits of the Rich Contact API are summarized below:

  • No more IVR
  • Eliminate inbound toll-free
  • Lower telecommunications costs
  • Supplemental sideband communications
  • Highly tailored services

Along with the Rich Contact API, Bright Pattern provides a free software library and example code for the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

In addition to the API, Bright Pattern’s new software release boasts voice signature capabilities, providing a way for customers to sign legally-binding documents over the phone, using their voice, all the while meeting compliance requirements such as those within the E-Sign Act, and, in the case of the healthcare industry, HIPAA/CMS guidelines.

With thousands of agents supported worldwide, through direct and indirect channels,
Bright Pattern is the only solution provider to have re-imagined the contact center from the ground up, to deliver solutions that reduce administrative overhead, save costs, and improve profitability.

About Bright Pattern

Say goodbye to overly complex and costly contact center infrastructure. Bright Pattern offers the next generation of cloud-based contact center and customer experience management solutions. With flip-the-switch activation, you can deploy in days and make changes in minutes. As a multichannel, unified, fully featured solution, our Bright Pattern™ platform helps you manage the complete life cycle of customer experience. Architected from the ground up as a cloud-based service, Bright Pattern offers the right blend of enterprise-grade functionality, reliability, and scalability not otherwise available in the industry.

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