What are CRM tools in a call center?

Learning the tools of a call center

What are CRM tools in a call center

What is Call Center CRM Software?

What is Call Center CRM Software? In recent years the CRM call center software has seen a huge increase in usage and has resulted in an increase in manpower within a firm. Call center employees handle a plethora of communications and data needs every day. The global market for cloud-based contact centers is expected to grow to US$ 82.43 billion before 2030, at an annual rate of 21.3 percent from 2022 until 2030. In this industry that is growing rapidly, having a reliable call center CRM software is a fundamental necessity. In this article you’ll learn what CRM tools are in a call center and their advantages.

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CRM tools in a call center

What are CRM tools in a call center?

What CRM tools are in a call center? CRM tools within call centers are software applications that assist call center employees keep track of interactions with customers, like telephone calls, emails and chats. These tools also give agents instant access to information about customers, like customer history, preferences for contacts as well as open tickets.
Customer relationship management (CRM) in the call center (CRM) is the software that agents in call centers utilize to improve the customer experience and boost efficiency. CRM systems at call centers keep information about customers, like account information and history of contact. Because they record information about the past, they could be seen as an instrument for managing cases. Agents utilize the data in CRM systems to tailor customer interactions and to understand the customer’s past with the company.
CRM systems for call centers are more effective within the contact center once they are connected to technology for call centers. This lets, for instance, the CRM screen to pop up for the agent whenever an email is made to them. This can increase efficiency and allow the agent to concentrate less on entering data and more time aiding customers in solving their issues. Other features that could be integrated include adding automatic contacts (from different channels) to the CRM system, and creating tie-backs for call recordings that can be listened to via the CRM for call centers.

Why do call centers need solid CRM?

  • Handle inbound calls made by prospects and customers who are currently in your service.

  • Contact customers via various options like calls, emails and texts to offer prompt and efficient solutions

  • Record every activity of customers to their individual profiles. Maintain a top-quality timeline

  • Make sure that important conversations are assigned to the manager or team leader to ensure better solutions

  • Work with teammates to solve crucial customer issues and address these issues immediately

  • Create reports that will improve future performance
Why do call centers need solid CRM

What are the benefits of CRM for a call center?

CRM for call centers could be extremely beneficial if it is implemented in the right manner. If you’re running a rapidly growing call center then you must examine these benefits of CRM software in your contact center
  1. Always be there for customers
    As a call center, your primary job is to be accessible to your clients 24/7. Many call centers are operational 24 hours a day. When you utilize a CRM, it will automatically send calls to the available customer service executives, so that customers don’t have to wait. Automated call distribution you can split the load equally between your staff and handle all inbound calls, making it simple to assess the performance of your team. A CRM software for call centers can serve as a platform for improving the efficiency of your employees and helps them become more efficient.

  2. Stay connected with team members
    There are always multiple sources of data including information, contacts and contact numbers in an office call center. In the course of communicating with customers it is possible that they require access to data in order to answer the issue. In this scenario it is impossible to search for data from various sources. Utilizing a CRM call center software will allow you to connect with your team members, so you can collaborate and keep all of the data all in one place and gain access to the customer’s information at any time they need.

  3. Evaluating employee efficiency
    CRM will help you determine the efficiency of your employees. This is possible through CRM tools like tracking activity as well as listening to recorded calls, reviewing sales reports, and many other features. The CRM capabilities of call centers let you know the performance of your team and how many calls they’ve responded to and the effect of the results. CRM lets you evaluate your employee’s performance, and provide you with information which will allow them to grow.

  4. Crucial data for employee training
    In the call center setting it is essential that the training be carried out thoroughly. One of the most important learning activities is to listen to recordings of calls, as well as reviewing chat history, etc. The call recording feature within CRM allows you to save recordings that can later be used in the training session. Based on previous customer interactions You can develop an uniform process to aid in the training of your new members easily.

  5. Deliver exceptional customer experiences
    The CRM software is a crucial tool to improve the overall customer experience. In reality the call center industry is designed to improve customer service and generate more revenues. With the top CRM for call centers it is possible to evaluate each phase of your business and identify where any issues need to be resolved and analyze your support process. It is possible to make calls with an outbound software call center which is why companies have to develop an objective measure of the customer experience. Conducting NPS surveys will allow you to determine the level of satisfaction of your customers which will allow you to simplify both your selling and CS processes.

  6. Single source of truth for data
    CRM is regarded as your all-in-one solution for aspects of customer support and sales. With its numerous attributes among its many features, one of the most important characteristics of the call center CRM is its integration with third party tools. In order to bring all your information to the CRM for sales from different platforms and effortlessly manage your business. CRM streamlines your tasks and frees you up to focus on what is most important. This is why it has proven to be extremely cost-effective and time-saving.

Essential features of call center CRM software

You’ve made the decision to buy CRM software to run your call center. What now? Let’s look at the essential features that each CRM designed for an office should have.
  1. Efficiently make calls from one place
    Cloud-based CRMs come with built-in features for calling that help you make calls outbound without difficulty.

    Thus, if you’re conducting cold calls at your contact center, it are able to perform it directly in your CRM. It is not necessary to switch to a different platform.

    In reality you can choose local or toll-free numbers of various countries such as Australia. With the help of virtual contact center software that is suitable for small-sized businesses, you can effortlessly integrate all of your sales, customer service marketing, and customer service operations into one platform.

  2. Improve your calling productivity
    Traditional phone systems are expensive, time-consuming, or complicated.

    A CRM for call centers allows you to dial contacts automatically from the activities you have selected each one at a time. Power Dialer lets you make calls to leads from lead lists without having to switch screens. By using this function, you’ll be able to automate your calls and make more frequent calls to increase your connections.

    The power dialer functions as a list of tasks which will dial one number following the other so that you don’t need to manually dial.

    Additionally, you can record voice messages for calls that do not get answered.

  3. Multiple communication channels
    CRM that includes a virtual phone system allows you to manage multiple communications channels from one location. It is also cost-effective. You can receive and make calls as well as send texts and emails to your customers to help them engage better and make more sales.

    Furthermore, you could make use of live chat features to handle all customer questions and to gather prospects directly on your site.

  4. Better team collaboration
    The Shared team Inbox feature of CRM to support call centers helps your team members to collaborate more easily. It takes away the hassle of working with other team members since everyone shares an identical email account. It is also possible to direct leads using an inbox shared by the team to your reps, and then manage the work load effectively.

    In the course of working with a variety of customers at different times there is a chance that you will need to connect with a colleague. You can include teammates in an inbox that is shared and then make notes of important information to make sure you do not miss opportunities.

    This will allow you to give quick responses to leads and improve customer service.

  5. Record calls for training purposes
    As we have discussed, the recordings of calls are mostly used to help new employees learn. Apart from that it can also be used to collect crucial data.

    This is a great feature of CRM software which is a great addition to the built-in calls capabilities.

    These conversations can be used to analyze the interactions of your team and provide valuable feedback for improving their sales and service efficiency. This feature makes your reps more effective.

  6. Integrations with useful tools
    In an office call center, you have to utilize different tools to meet different needs. It becomes difficult to keep track of when you have lots of amounts of data.

    Integrating your CRM across different platforms will save you lots of time since it makes it easier to organize all your data and files all in one place.

    Track and manage all your phone or email communications with prospective clients or customers from one central location and be informed.

  7. Get actionable reports
    Manually preparing reports can be very laborious and may be in error if you have a splintered process.

    CRM includes custom-built sales reports that can be customized. This reduces the need for guesswork and lets you make informed decisions about your business processes. Get insights into the performance of each individual as well as the whole team to identify the top performers and determine those reps that require assistance.

    Sales reports will give you the complete overview of your sales objectives as well as revenue and team performance. They also help you develop strategies.

Best Call Center CRM Software

Best Affordable All-in-One Call Center CRM for Small Businesses
Best Call Center CRM With Powerful Call Workflow Automation
Best for Small Businesses Looking For Basic Call Center Capabilities
Best for Inbound Call Centers
Best for Inbound Call Centers
Agile CRM
Best for Outbound Call Centers
Zoho CRM
Best Customizable Call Center CRM system
Best for Sales and Support Teams
Genesys Cloud CX
Best Dedicated Call Center CRM for Businesses
EngageBay Logo


Best Affordable All-in-One Call Center CRM for Small Businesses

EngageBay is a complete CRM software that incorporates the call center feature that small companies and start-ups can utilize.
The user interface is intuitive and designed to make it simple to navigate through everything faster. If you require assistance in setting things properly, then you are able to avail an onboarding session for free. The menu items, such as your contacts and automated calls are located on right at the very top to allow easy access.
Our software for call centers operates through a single, central portal, which allows your team to be more efficient and concentrate on providing the highest quality customer service.
In addition, since it has its own inbuilt CRM Customer support representatives would be more aware when they call outbound or when a client calls.
On a phone call your representatives will be able to access every detail regarding a client, including the pages they’ve visited your site as well as the tickets they’ve viewed as well as phone calls in the past as well as the forms they’ve completed as well as the items they’ve purchased or purchased, and so on.
Freshdesk Logo


Best Call Center CRM With Powerful Call Workflow Automation

Freshdesk is an application for contact centers developed by Freshworks. Based on its features and capabilities, it is ideal for calling centers that are inbound.
It’s got a distinctive interface that is easier to use. One of the first things you’ll encounter upon signing in is their onboarding process. They offer an onboarding video along with an onboarding checklist, giving you aadvantage when you first start off.
However, as it’s a call center CRM designed for cold calling It doesn’t come with an internal CRM system. It can be integrated with your CRM, or you can use Freshsales’ own CRM (paid separately) that makes Freshdesk an top CRMs for marketing via telemarketing.
Hubspot Logo


Best for Small Businesses Looking For Basic Call Center Capabilities

HubSpot is a CRM all-in-one platform that can function as a call center solution. Inbound calling capabilities of HubSpot are still being developed however, you are able to conduct calls outbound.
Agents can contact customers directly through the platform by using the VoIP application. The service hub integrates with its CRM for contact centers that is free which means that when an agent speaks to customers, they will be able to view all information regarding the customer in one place. The fact that all the information is all in one place helps speed up and make it easier to address problems.
Pipedrive Logo


Best for Inbound Call Centers

Pipedrive is a CRM focused on sales and is also being marketed as a CRM for call centers. software.
It comes with its own CRM for contact centers software, which means you can transfer contacts faster. Agents also have all information about the customer in one pane of glass, so customer problems can be solved quicker. But I found it to be quite messy with customer information scattered across the board when compared to others.
It is possible to automate your call management workflows with one dashboard. Call routing needs some adjustments due to its workflows being focused on sales. Customers can also contact Pipedrive directly through Pipedrive using their built-in dial pad, or connect an external phone system such as Aircall or Justcall in accordance with your subscriptions.
It also permits recordings of calls as well as a storage space for the call scripts of agents so they can resolve issues with confidence. It allows you to use recordings to conduct coaching or training sessions.
LiveAgent Logo


Best for eCommerce and Insurance companies

The best call center software available for companies in the online, Insurance, SaaS, and many other fields with an eye towards the future growth.
LiveAgent is a renowned helpdesk software that is used by over 4000 customers around the world. It is a reliable software for call centers as well as a range of advanced features.
LiveAgent provides top-quality call center services with a price that is affordable. It is easy to provide excellent services and make sure that you keep your clients content with the variety of automation options and numerous integrations to choose from.
The main highlights of the service include outbound and inbound call center capabilities IVR automatic attendants, ACD ticketing unlimited call recording, the management of call centers, integration with CRM self-service portals, a knowledge base, analytics and reports.
Agile CRM Logo

Agile CRM

Best for Outbound Call Centers

Agile CRM, a CRM platform that was designed specifically for small- to medium-sized companies. It’s also promoted as a call center system.
Although it does have a 90s style to it, its automated feature is pretty impressive in comparison to other software we’ve examined. Although its call routing isn’t as simple like it is in Freshdesk, you can get rid of that using tag-based call routing.
Zoho CRM Logo

Zoho CRM

Best Customizable Call Center CRM system

Zoho CRM is a complete CRM system that handles your marketing, sales and support tasks.
It includes a built-in phone feature that allows you to make instant calls, either using your phone or through a third-party application. However, it only carries basic functions such as click-to-call or call pop-ups and call notes. To gain access to advanced CRM features for call centers you’ll need to connect an application from a third party such as Justcall, Ring.io, Aircall and many more and it’s the best CRM option with a dialer.
It is also possible to integrate it with their own standalone application, Zoho Voice, to get the full features that a call center requires. This integration allows you to handle calls directly through Zoho CRM as well as sync contacts from your CRM and create advanced workflows for calls.
CloudTalk Logo


Best for Sales and Support Teams

Cloudtalk is cloud-based call center software for support and sales teams.
It’s a standalone call center software, which means it does not have an integrated CRM system. However, you can connect it to your CRM of your choice. It can be integrated with CRMs that are popular like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Copper, and Freshsales. Through these integrations, agents will have complete information about the customer when speaking to customers.
Its IVR system directs callers through various dial-in options and directs them to the appropriate department or agent that will provide them with specialized assistance. It is also possible to set up various routing criteria, based upon your needs.
Genesys Cloud CX Logo

Genesys Cloud CX

Best Dedicated Call Center CRM for Businesses

Genesys Cloud CX, formerly known as Genesys Cloud, is a dedicated CRM for call centers with strong call center CRM features.
With Genesys you can receive outbound tools to call centers as well as outbound call center features cloud telephony, unidirectional communications automated call distribution (ACD) and workplace engagement management (WEM).
With Genesys it is possible to collect information about your customers across all interactions and then analyze the data to create customer journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Contact Management Tools
  • Communication and Collaboration Tools
  • Reporting and Analytics Tools

CRM tools assist call centers to increase the satisfaction of customers by supplying call center agents with an all-round view of every customer, providing personal service, prompt follow-ups and keeping an account of all interactions for future reference.

Tools for reporting and analytics in CRM help call centers monitor important indicators of performance (KPIs) and detect trends and make decision-based on data. They assist call centers in continuing to enhance their operations and provide better customer service.

Many CRM tools can be integrated with other software for call centers including automated calls distribution (ACD) systems Knowledge bases, knowledge bases, or reporting instruments. Integration facilitates the flow of information and improves efficiency.

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