About Shelby Bozekowski

As the Director of Marketing at Bright Pattern, my main goal is to increase awareness on the growing benefits of cloud-based technologies in the contact center industry.

    IVR technology is critical for inbound call centers that want to optimize their call center performance, the performance of their call center agents,and improve KPIs and metrics. To ensure that contact centers are delivering the best possible service during inbound interactions and incoming calls, call centers need a powerful, advanced IVR that can personalize the […]Continue reading

    Government call center software is a type of software that allows government agencies to manage and monitor their call center operations. This software can help agencies to optimize their resources, manage their customer interactions, and report on their performance. Additionally, government call center software can help agencies to improve their customer service and better serve […]Continue reading

    Medical call center software is a vital tool for healthcare organizations. It enables them to manage and coordinate patient care, as well as support other administrative tasks. There are many features that make medical call center software a valuable resource for healthcare providers. Some of the top healthcare call center software features include:  Automated Call […]Continue reading

    Last week we published a blog “2022 CX Challenges and the Road to Resilience” which talked about three of the largest challenges the CX industry faces in 2022 due to the pandemic which include; inflation, supply chain issues, and the great resignation. In this blog, we will talk about the technology, strategies, and trends which […]Continue reading